March 22, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Public Notice
1. Call to Order
2. Invocation - Myles Galyon
3. Pledge of Allegiance:  Led by: 1st graders (via video): Konnor Allen, Wade Dickson, Brynli Douglas, Jayla Eguia, Kashley Fox, Alexander Garcia, Tadeo Govea, Aranza Hinojo, Mason Johnston, Kambri Kelso, Coleson Lawson, Callaway Lee, Zoe Lee, Lisa Lui, Blake Luttrell, Lily Martinez, Edgar Mata, Kendall McPherson, Zachary Messer, Richard Orellano, Gavin Owens, Adelynn Ransom, Tucker Rattan, Maggie Richards, Chelsea Sanchez, Landon Stofford, Dominick Vallecillo, Blake Williams and Brody Yates
The Texas Pledge: "Honor the Texas flag: I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."
4. Tell Me Something Good
5. February Employee and Student Recognition (via video): Staff of the Month: Professional of the Month:Jordan Thompson; Paraprofessional of the Month: Brandy Godbey; (Central Admin); Students of the Month: Ali Pruitt (FO); Jeddiah Kane Hatfield (IWE); Justin Faz (LHR): Perla Flores Rodriguez and Gavin Fernandez (BHS)

March Employee and Student Recognition (via video): Staff of the Month: (Admin); Teacher of the Month: Stephanie Avery and Charlsie Vaught (FO); Paraprofessional of the Month: Patty Vermillion (FO); Student of the Month: Parker Lowrey (FO); Annabelle Green  (IWE); Emely Alfaro-Ventura (LHR); Celsa Yanez and Worth Lacy (BHS)
6. Public Comment
7. Consent Agenda
7.A. Consider and possibly approve meeting minutes
7.B. Consider approval of tax credits, supplements and delinquent tax collection for February.
7.C. Consider approval of financial statements and bills payable for February.
7.D. Consider approval of purchase over $50,000
7.E. Consider approval of budget changes and amendments
7.F. Consider approval of instructional materials
8. Reports to the Board
8.A. Assistant Superintendent Written Report
8.B. Chief Financial Officer Written Report
8.C. Director of Operations Written Report
8.D. Athletic Director Written Report
8.E. Bailey Inglish Principal Written Report
8.F. Finley-Oates Principal Written Report
8.G. I.W. Evans Principal Written Report
8.H. L.H. Rather Principal Written Report
8.I. Bonham High School Principal Written Report
8.J. Superintendent Report
8.J.1. ADA Report -
8.J.1.a. At the end of February 2021, the enrollment count was 1768. Finley-Oates Elementary School had the best attendance in February with 96.44%.
8.J.2. Open Positions
8.J.3. TASB Spring Workshops - Commerce May 11th (virtual)
8.J.4. TASB Summer Leadership Institute: San Antonio June 16-19; Ft Worth June 23-26
8.J.5. TASA/TASB Convention - September 24-26 @ Dallas
9. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve 2021-2022 board meeting schedule
10. Action Item - Consideration and possible action regarding agreement for roofing services and possible delegation of authority related to same
11. Information Item - Budget Update
12. Information Item - BISD Assessment Data
13. Executive Session
13.A. Pursuant to Texas Government Code section § 551.074, discussion of personnel matters pertaining to evaluations, duties, terminations, replacements, reassignments, hiring, and additions to the staff
13.A.1. New Hires: Walter Ozmore (Technology)
13.A.2. Reassignments: Janette Wagner (Substitute to Instructional Aide ~ LHR), Karina McMenamy (Custodian ~ BI) 
13.A.3. Resignations: Amber Harvey (English Teacher ~ BHS), Debby Mullenix (SpEd Teacher ~ IWE), Lena "Shea" January (Child Nutrition)
13.A.4. Retirements: Bettie White (Child Nutrition); Annette Frenzl (Teacher ~ Bailey Inglish); Debbie Horton (HR ~ Central Admin)
14. Information Item - Report of personnel matters pertaining to reassignments and resignations accepted
15. Action Item - Consider approval of items listed in Executive Session
16. Team of Eight session
17. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve items presented in Team of Eight session
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