September 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Public Notice
1. Call to Order
2. Invocation - Jason Fox
3. Pledge of Allegiance: Led by 6th grade (via video): Eduardo Arguello, Brian Brakefield, Tony Cabrera, McKaylee Chadwick, Bethany Dougan, Erick Gonzalez-Solano, Jaden Groseclose, Adyson Jaynes, Vaden Jones, Judith Manzanares, Jyien Maxie, Parker Patton, Bailee Pendergrass, Landyn Reaves, Addisyn Reiter, Joshua Thomas, Tristan Thompson, Chyenne Trejo, Aiden Vaughn, Ayden Wanner and Constance Williams-Savage
The Texas Pledge: "Honor the Texas flag: I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."
4. Recognition of the City of Bonham for their contribution: Mayor Roy Floyd and Sean Pate
5. Employee and Student Recognition (via video): Teacher of the Month - Tristen Robertson (BHS); Paraprofessional of the Month - Daisha Sorrells (BHS). Students of the Month - Joli Kirkpatrick and Nick Rhinehart (BHS); Landry Person (LHR); Jyien Maxie (IWE); Scarlett Story (FO)
6. Tell Me Something Good
7. Public Comment
8. Consent Agenda
8.A. Consider and possibly approve meeting minutes
8.B. Consider approval of tax credits, supplements and delinquent tax collection for August 2020
8.C. Consider approval of financial statements and bills payable for August 2020
8.D. Consider and possibly approve instructional materials
9. Reports to the Board
9.A. Assistant Superintendent Written Report
9.B. Chief Financial Officer Written Report
9.C. Director of Operations Written Report
9.D. Athletic Director Written Report
9.E. Bailey Inglish Principal Written Report
9.F. Finley-Oates Principal Written Report
9.G. I.W. Evans Principal Written Report
9.H. L.H. Rather Principal Written Report
9.I. Bonham High School Principal Written Report
9.J. Superintendent Report
9.J.1. ADA Report -
9.J.1.a. At the end of August 2020, the enrollment count was 1764. I.W. Evans Intermediate School had the best attendance in August with 99.16%
9.J.2. Open Positions
10. Information Item - Discussion of budget
11. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve budget amendment
12. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve Impasse Procedures 2020-2021
13. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve Head Start Board Training Letter
14. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve Head Start Bylaws
15. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve the District Improvement Plan
16. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve Bonham ISD 2020-2021 Asynchronous Remote Instruction Plan
17. Information Item - Bonham ISD Assessment Reporting Schedule 2020-2021
18. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve Bonham ISD / DAEP Agreement
19. Action Item - Consideration and possible action regarding Justin Owen Scholarship Fund
20. Public Hearing - Tax Rate
21. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve adoption of Tax Rate
22. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve Certified Tax Roll
23. Information Item - Fannin County Appraisal District seeks persons interested in serving on the Appraisal Review Board (ARB)
24. Executive Session
24.A. Pursuant to Texas Government Code section § 551.074, discussion of personnel matters pertaining to evaluations, duties, terminations, replacements, reassignments, hiring, and additions to the staff
24.A.1. New Hires: Charlotte Kirk (HS Family Advocate ~ BI); Gloria Gonzalez (Custodian ~ BI); Karina Gibson (Custodian ~ LHR); Kody Gibson (Maint/Trans); Mike Hayes (HVAC Specialist - Maint)
24.A.2. Resignations: David Jones (Custodian ~ FO), Phillip Snider (Transportation/Grounds); Chelsea Stout (Paraprofessional ~ FCSSA)
24.B. Pursuant to Texas Government Code section § 551.072, Consider and Discuss the potential sale or exchange of real property owned by Bonham ISD
25. Information Item - Report of personnel matters pertaining to reassignments and resignations accepted
26. Action Item - Consider approval of items listed in Executive Session
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