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December 20, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. President calls meeting to order
2. Public Comment
3. Accept Board minutes
4. General Information
Description:  Review of programs for planning purposes
4.A. Principal Report
4.B. Team of Eight training will be Thursday January 20, 2022 at 6:00: Topic is Strategic Planning
4.C. Awarded 2021-2022 Mental and Behavioral Health Rural Schools Grant
Description:  A few months ago, the district applied for this grant through ESC 16.  We found out that Miami ISD was selected to be a part of this grant.  Although there is no monetary award, we will receive free training and resources. I have attached a letter from Region 16 that further explains the grant's resources. 
4.D. Review Return to In-Person Instruction and continuity of Services Plan for the spring semester
Description:  This is a requirement under ESSER grants that the district has a return to in-person instruction and continuity plan and it is reviewed every 6 months.  The plan was reviewed and approved in August.  This is not an action item but needs to be presented. 
5. Business Items
5.A. Discussion and possible action to approve the 2020-2021 financial audit report for the district
Description:  Tim Saunders with Johnson and Sheldon will present the audit report at the meeting. Stacey Horton, contracted business manager, will also be at the meeting. The auditors have no findings to report which is a good thing!
5.B. Discussion and possible action to make a decision on erosion control plans
Description:  Ron Carr will be at the meeting to discuss issue.
5.C. Discussion and possible action to district's current dress code
Description:  Mrs. Word met with a student advisory group and then with a parent group to discuss the current dress and hair code policy. She will present the group's recommendations. 
5.D. Discussion and possible action to accept or reject bids for the 2009 Chevrolet school car 
Description:  The bids will be presented at the meeting.  I have attached the value of the car according to Kelly Blue Book.
5.E. Discussion and possible action to approve a resolution to discontinue participation with TRS-ActiveCare effective September 1, 2022. 
Description:  With the passing of SB 1444, a school district can no longer offer alternate healthcare insurance plans alongside TRS Active Care. Districts can choose to leave TRS Active Care starting 9/1/2022.  Districts must notify TRS by 12/31/2021. If a district chooses to opt-out of TRS Active-Care, that decision is for five years. The state funding of $75 per employee is not affected by a district's decision to stay with TRS Active-Act or select another provider. Miami ISD has offered two insurance providers for the past two years: TRS Active Care and Texas School Health Benefits Program (TSHBP).  All staff members were asked to be on a committee to review the two insurance options and make a recommendation to the board.  There was six staff that volunteered.  The committee's recommendation is to offer TSHBP for the next five years to the staff. The decision was based on the premium amounts now and in the future,  experiences with TSHBP, and other districts that have chosen TSHBP. 
5.F. Discussion and possible action to approve retention bonuses. 
Description:  See attachment
6. Consent Agenda: Financial Reports
6.A. Review Bills
6.B. Cash and Investment Report
6.C. General Fund Revenues Report
6.D. Activity Fund Balances
Description:  This will be at the meeting.
6.E. Revenue Projection Report
6.F. Tax Report
6.G. Transportation Report
Description:  One of the new suburbans will be delivered during Christmas break. The second suburban is a few weeks out. 
7. Personnel
7.A. Hirings, if any
Description:  Helen Carr started working in housekeeping today, 
7.B. Resignations, if any
8. Adjourn

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