April 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Invocation
3. Open Forum
4. Tracy Bunker
5. Parkhill, Smith & Cooper / Teinert
6. Admin Reports: Consisting of Enrollment & Attendance;  Student & Employee Awards/Accomplishments; Past and Upcoming Events on Campuses 
6.a. Primary 
6.b. Elementary 
6.c. Jr. High
6.d. High School
7. Consent Agenda
7.a. Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings
7.b. Accept the Following Reports from Dianna Wright:
7.b.I. Fund 199 Summary Reports
7.b.II. Fund 101 Summary Reports
7.b.III. Maintenance Report
7.b.III.a. Odometer Readings
7.b.III.b. Utilities
7.c. Report on School Funds
7.c.I. Superintendent Activity Account 
7.c.II. Interbank Accounts
7.c.III. Lone Star Monthly Statement
7.c.IV. Tax Collection Report
7.d. Approve Payment of Monthly Bills
7.d.I. Fund 199 Check Payment List
7.d.II. Fund 101 Check Payment List
7.e. Friona ISD Fund Balance
8. Consider and Approve proposed driveway upgrade for the Lineage Logistics driveway.
8.a. Propose to widen the existing driveway ten feet to the East and sixty one feet to the South as shown in the yellow shaded area. 
9. Consider and Approve vendor for 2020-2021 E-Rate 
10. Consider and approve 2019-2020 Salary Schedules
11. Review and Approve TEKS Certification Document to be able to order instructional materials for the upcoming school year. 
12. Possible Graduation Credit (local only) waiver for Students
13. Consider and Approve Resolution Regarding Waivers for Friona ISD
14. Consider and approve First Addendum to Resolution Relating to Emergency Modifications
15. Discussion of Guardian Plan, Marshall Plan. 
16. Closed Session
16.a. Deliberation of appointment, employment, compensation, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of employees pursuant to Texas Government code 551.074.
16.b. Consultation with attorney regarding potential or contemplated litigation matter involving attorney client privilege pursuant to Texas Government Code 551.071.
16.c. Deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property if deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the Board's position in negotiations with a third person. Texas Government Code 551.071
17. Consider and approve contracts, resignation, non-renewals, reassignments and retirement. 
18. Items for Board Information
18.a. Information on Board Book Premier- Claudia Castillo
18.b. Superintendents' Report
18.b.I. Cafeteria Bid Information
18.b.II. Construction is proceeding all over the district. 
18.b.III. All Instructional Plans for the COVID 19 Instructional Services for each Campus have been updated. We will use these plans to show planning and evidence fo instruction delivery to students. 
19. Set Date of Next Regular Meeting
20. Official Adjournment
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