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December 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation - Jason Fox

3. Pledge of Allegiance: Led by 3rd graders (via video):Calib Barrett, Madilyn Cothran, Emerson Dyer, Jorge Flores, Estrella Garcia, Keeley Green, Baze Haggard, Ryder Hall, La'Nicia Jones, Parker Lowrey, Jasmine Manzanzres, Corbin Mounger, Bronson Pendergrass, Damian Perez, Maci Roberts, Nazaret Rodreguez-Lopez, Victor Sanford, Jayda Stevenson, Scarlett Story, Naomi Tucker and Ruben Velazquez

The Texas Pledge: "Honor the Texas flag: I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."
4. Tell Me Something Good
Presenter:  Board Members
5. Employee and Student Recognition (via video): Staff of the Month - Jim Currin (Maintenance); Student of the Month - Jorge Flores (FO); Gustabo Perez (IWE); Connor Haggard (LHR); Makenzie Martin and Lucas Lira (BHS)
6. Public Comment
7. Consent Agenda
Description:  All items on the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine and will be enacted with one motion. There will not be separate discussion of these items unless a Board member requests that an item be withdrawn for individual consideration. The remaining items shall be adopted under a single motion and vote.
7.A. Consider and possibly approve meeting minutes
Attachments: (1)
7.B. Consider approval of tax credits, supplements and delinquent tax collection for November 2020
Attachments: (1)
7.C. Consider approval of financial statements and bills payable for November 2020
Attachments: (3)
7.D. Consider approval of instructional materials
Attachments: (1)
8. Reports to the Board
8.A. Assistant Superintendent
Presenter:  Traci Daniel
Attachments: (1)
8.B. Chief Financial Officer Written Report
Presenter:  Alicia Coonrod
Attachments: (5)
8.C. Director of Operations Written Report
Presenter:  Bill Wakefield
Attachments: (1)
8.D. Director of Athletics and Student Services Written Report
Presenter:  Dr. Ryan Prock
Attachments: (1)
8.E. Bailey Inglish Principal Written Report
Presenter:  Rory Hilliard
8.F. Finley-Oates Principal Written Report
Presenter:  Mary Lou Fox
8.G. I.W. Evans Principal Written Report
Presenter:  Karli Fowler
8.H. L.H. Rather Principal Written Report
Presenter:  Jason Busbey
8.I. Bonham High School Principal Written Report
Presenter:  Panchi Scown
8.J. Superintendent Report
Presenter:  Kelly Trompler
8.J.1. ADA Report -
8.J.1.a. At the end of November 2020, the enrollment count was 1775. IW Evans Intermediate School had the best attendance in November 2020 with 96.49%.
8.J.2. Open Positions
8.J.3. School Board Appreciation Month
8.J.4. Steaks for Success 
8.J.5. Team Building
9. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve HB 3 Early Childhood Literacy Goal, Early Childhood Math Goal and CCMR Goal.
Presenter:  Kelly Trompler
10. Information Item - BISD Assessment Data
Presenter:  Principals
Attachments: (1)
11. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve the Head Start Community Assessment Update
Presenter:  Rory Hilliard
Attachments: (1)
12. Public Hearing - FIRST Report
Presenter:  Alicia Coonrod
Attachments: (1)
13. Public Hearing - IW Evans Targeted Improvement Plan
Presenter:  Traci Daniel and Karli Fowler
Attachments: (1)
14. Action Item - Consider approval of the IW Evans Targeted Improvement Plan
Presenter:  Traci Daniel and Karli Fowler
Attachments: (1)
15. Information Item - Updated Bonham ISD Assessment Reporting Schedule 2020-2021
Presenter:  Traci Daniel
Attachments: (1)
16. Action Item - Consider and possibly approve COVID Leave Resolution
Attachments: (2)
17. Executive Session
17.A. Pursuant to Texas Government Code section § 551.074, discussion of public officer or personnel matters pertaining to evaluations, duties, terminations, replacements, reassignments, hiring, and additions to the staff
17.A.1. Review of applications for Board Place 6 vacancy
17.B. New Hires: Ashleigh Petrino (Counselor ~ BI)
17.C. Pursuant to Government Code § 551.083, discuss and possibly conduct Board Self-Evaluation
Attachments: (2)
17.D. Discuss and possibly take action on District-owned property
18. Information Item - Report of personnel matters pertaining to reassignments and resignations accepted
19. Action Item - Consideration and possible action to appoint candidiate to Place 6 of the Board of Trustees 
20. Action Item - Consider approval of items listed in Executive Session
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