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June 30, 2022 at 7:00 AM - Special School Board Meeting

1.1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance
1.2. Roll Call: Birhanzl ___  Helgeson ___ Pauling ___  Sachariason ___ Snell ___  and Stenson ___
1.3. Approval of Agenda
1.4. Special Presentation
Discussion:  None
1.5. Approval of Consent Agenda 
(Any item or items may be pulled off the consent agenda, at the request of any board member, for consideration by the board as a whole.)
1.5.1. Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes
1.5.2. Bills
1.5.3. Treasurer's Report
1.5.4. Budget Report
1.5.5. Personnel Actions Employment
Discussion:  William Cardenas, ESL Assistant, Middle School 22-23 school year.
Rosalie Martinez, SWNS Assistant, Hawks Nest Early Childhood Center 22-23 school year. Resignations/Retirements
Discussion:  Mark Hendrickson, resigning as Custodian, effective August 22, 2022.
Katelyn Enevoldsen, resigning as Special Ed Assistant, MHS
Kris Kolhei, resigning as Special Ed Assistant, Ramsey Reassignments
Discussion:  Amy Reidinger, reassignment from Phy Ed Teacher to Community Education Director beginning July 1, 2022.
1.5.6. Set the Regular School Board Meeting Dates and Times
Discussion:  Regular meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. and board work sessions are held on an as-needed basis at 6:00 p.m. on the last Monday of the month, (exceptions: July - no regularly scheduled meetings or work sessions).
1.5.7. Annual Designations
  • Wade McKittrick, Superintendent of Schools, or his designee, the authority to invest surplus funds.
  • Old National Bank of Montevideo, MinnWest Bank of Montevideo, Coop Credit Union of Montevideo, PMA, and the MSDLAF of Minneapolis as depositories for surplus funds.
  • Set the monthly payday as the 20th of each month or if the 20th falls on a weekend or break, the last working day before the 20th.
  • Set mileage at the current IRS rate
  • MinnWest Bank-payroll; Old National Bank-finance, petty cash, flex benefit
  • Montevideo American News as the official newspaper
  • Wade McKittrick, Superintendent of Schools, or his designee, the authority to initiate electronic transfers
1.5.8. Resolution for the Authorization of Signatures for Co-op Credit Union of Montevideo:
  • Wade McKittrick, Superintendent
  • Adam Spray, Chief Business Official
  • Erika Zachman, Accounting Specialist
1.5.9. Per Diem Meal Rates
Discussion:  In accordance with IRS recommendations:
  • Breakfast; $11
  • Lunch: $15
  • Dinner: $26
The last update was in 2018 which established breakfast ($11), lunch ($12) and dinner ($23).
1.5.10. Approve Custodial Seniority List
Discussion:  The custodial seniority list (attached) must be approved annually.  This is regular operational action and aligns with on-going staffing and the negotiation process.
1.5.11. Approve Office Personnel Labor Agreement
Discussion:  The negotiations committee met, negotiated, and came to a tentative agreement with the School Office Personnel.  The agreement is within the board's established parameters and is being recommended by the negotiations committee.  The agreement has been ratified by the Office Personnel group.
1.5.12. Approve Annual Goals for Performance Pay
Discussion:  The goals have been reviewed by the negotiations team and are recommended for approval by the full board.  Annual SMART goals are established at the beginning of the school year by the administrative team and evaluated for attainment levels by the superintendent prior to the close of the fiscal year.  

This action is recommended for approval
1.6. Resolution Accepting a Gift, Donation, Contribution or Bequest
Discussion:  Co-op Credit Union made a $2,500 contribution towards the playground for the new Hawk’s Nest Early Childhood facility. 
A private donation of $25 to Heroes in Action Scholarship program.
1.7. Public Forum
1.8. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Presented at meeting
1.9. Board Reports
1.9.1. Board Committees
Discussion:  None
1.9.2. Student Representative Report
1.9.3. Administrators
Discussion:  None
1.10. Congratulatory Action and Recognition
3.1. Set Board Stipends and Meeting Rates
Discussion:  The pay for attendance at board meetings, special meetings, other meetings and committee meetings needs to be set annually by the school board.   The FY21 rates were:
Regular Meetings: $60  ($80-Chair)
Other Meetings, Special Meetings and Committee Meetings: $30 ($40-Chair)
Negotiations Committee Meetings- $60

3.2. Approve Annual Policies
Discussion:  The attached policies are required to be reviewed and adopted annually.  The policies were presented at the June 13, 2022 meeting for a first reading and are being presented for adoption at this time.

Approval is recommended.
3.3. Approve FY23 Budgets
Discussion:  Adam Spray, Chief Business Official, presented the proposed FY23 revenues and expenditure budget in the amounts of $26,014,350 revenues and $25,768,329 expenditures. Adam will be on hand to answer any questions at this time.

This budget is being recommended for adoption.
Attachments: (1)
3.4. Approve Long Term Facility Maintenance Plan and Budget
Discussion:  Attached is a copy of the summer capital outlay projects and the long term facility maintenance (LTFM) plan.  Adam Spray will be present to review the capital projects and the LTFM plan.  The LTFM plan and budget must be approved by resolution annually.  
3.5. Approve Memorandum of Understanding
Discussion:  A memorandum of understanding granting Amy Reidinger a three-year leave of absence from her position as a Physical Education/Health/DAPE teacher has been reached with Mrs. Reidinger, Montevideo Education Association, and Mr. McKittrick, in representation of the school board, and is being recommended for approval by the school board.  

This MOU allows for up to 3 years of absence from Mrs. Reidinger's teaching position.  In any of the three years, she would be allowed to return to the classroom by following the notification guidelines.  A leave of absence is allowable by contract and the terms are in line with MN Statute.

This action is recommended.
Attachments: (1)
Description:  None at this meeting

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