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January 10, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1.1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance
1.2. Roll Call: Birhanzl ___  Helgeson ___ Pauling ___  Sachariason ___ Snell ___  and Stenson ___
1.3. Approval of Agenda
1.4. Reorganization of the Board of Education
1.4.1. Election of Officers Chairperson:
Discussion:  Nominations for Chairperson will be accepted at this time. Vice-Chair:
Description:  Nominations for Vice Chair will be accepted at this time. Clerk:
Discussion:  Nominations for Clerk will be accepted at this time. Treasurer:
Discussion:  Nominations for Treasurer will be accepted at this time.
1.4.2. Appointment of Board Committees:
Discussion:  Chairman Stenson will lead a discussion about the filling committee assignments.  The following are the recommended assignments:

Committee                                                                     Member
MRVED Board                                                               Tyler Sachariason
Community Ed/Rec. Advisory                                        Becky Pauling
                                                                                       Kelly Snell

Licensed and Non-Licensed Personnel Labor               Andrew Stenson
Management/Negotiations                                             Joe Helgeson
                                                                                       Tyler Sachariason

Indoor Air Quality/Health and Safety/Wellness              Travis Birhanzl
                                                                                       Kelly Snell

Transportation                                                                Travis Birhanzl
                                                                                       Becky Pauling

District Staff Development/Systems Accountability        Travis Birhanzl
                                                                                       Becky Pauling

Activities Advisory                                                          Travis Birhanzl
                                                                                       Becky Pauling
                                                                                       Kelly Snell

Technology                                                                     Joe Helgeson
                                                                                       Andrew Stenson

MSHSL                                                                          Travis Birhanzl
                                                                                       Becky Pauling

Continuing Education                                                     Joe Helgeson

Teacher Professional Development/Evaluation             Becky Pauling
                                                                                       Kelly Snell

No action is required
1.4.3. Annual Designations and Appointments
Discussion:  Annual designations such as official newspaper, meeting dates and times, financial institutions, board salaries, etc..., are done at the end of-year meeting on the last Monday in June.  Also, as a reminder, there is no regularly scheduled meeting in July.
1.5. Professional Development
Discussion:  Dr. Weber will lead the board through the continuation of its book study "Trusted Leader."

Reading from Trusted Leader: Chapters 15-20
As we read these chapters, we are concluding the "story" part of the book.  Each of these chapters provides us with concrete examples of the various Pillars.  As you read or review each chapter, be prepared to share some of the examples from the book that you find most relevant to our organization or in your personal work/life. 
1.6. Approval of Consent Agenda 
(Any item or items may be pulled off the consent agenda, at the request of any board member, for consideration by the board as a whole.)
1.6.1. Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes
1.6.2. Bills
Attachments: (1)
1.6.3. Treasurer's Report
Attachments: (1)
1.6.4. Budget Report
1.6.5. Personnel Actions Employment
Discussion:  Darlene Stevenson, Classroom Assistant, Sanford
Randina Grant, Classroom Assistant, Sanford
Virginia Torgerson, Special Ed Assistant, Sanford
Emily Ahrens, Full-time subsitute teacher, Elementary schools
Eugene Streich, Full-time Custodian, MHS
Jaxton Henning, Thunder Hawk Care, Sanford Resignations/Retirements
Discussion:  Alana Bain, Thunder Hawk Child Care Aide, Sanford
Sharon Lalim, Special Ed Assistant, Sanford
Tonya Axford, Special Ed Assistant, Ramsey Reassignments
Discussion:  Greggory Zeidler, from Title 1 teacher to 1st Grade Teacher Long Term Sub Terminations
Discussion:  Daniela Gomez, ESL Assistant, Middle School
1.6.6. Approve Educational Assistants' Seniority LIst
1.6.7. Approve Office Personnel Seniority List
1.6.8. Approval of Fundraising Requests from January through May
Attachments: (1)
1.7. Resolution Accepting a Gift, Donation, Contribution or Bequest
Discussion:  Dawson Designated Charities donated $842 to the Individuals with Disabilities Program
Goldleaf Financial, LTD. donated $750 to the Fine Arts Program
Private donation of $500 to Individuals with Disabilities Program
Grant Award of $1,850 from Southwest Initiative Foundation for the purchase of educational equipment for infant and toddler classrooms. 
1.8. Superintendent's Report
1.9. Board Reports
1.9.1. Board Committees
Discussion:  Teacher Growth and Development- Snell/Pauling
Negotiations- Stenson/Helgeson/Sachariason
Community Education Advisory- Snell/Pauling
City, County, School Ad Hoc Committee- Stenson/Pauling
1.9.2. Student Representative Report
1.9.3. Administrators
1.10. Congratulatory Action and Recognition
2.1. Discussion on Facility Lease for Early Childhood Center 
Discussion:  Superintendent McKittrick will lead a discussion on the progress of and consideration of a facility lease for an Early Childhood Center.
2.2. Facility Assessment Recommendation
2.3. Food Service Program
Discussion:  We have been informed by the Willmar School District that due to Annette Derouin's retirement effective June 30, they will no longer be offering shared Food Service Director services to current partners.  Therefore, Montevideo Public Schools will need to determine how it will operate moving forward. 

Mr. McKittrick will discuss options with the board during this agenda item time.  Items to discuss are:
1. Filling this position?
2. Dividing responsibilities and filling roles internally?
3. Contracted services?
3.1. Set Date for Facility Assessment Inteviews
Discussion:  The date for this special meeting will be determined  during discussion item 2.2 and be reflected in the recommended motion.
3.2. Approve Policy 491- Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination or Testing and Face Coverings
Discussion:  The attached policy is a requirement of the MNOSHA ETA requiring school districts with 100 or more employees to enforce the ETA.  This policy has been written as an MSBA model policy and is recommended by Superintendent McKittrick.

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