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January 13, 2020 at 1:00 PM - Advisory Committee - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order – Frieda Brands, Advisory Chair
A.1. Pledge of Allegiance
A.2. Roll Call – Lynn Stephens, Commission Coordinator
B.  Public Comments (for items not listed on the agenda) Frieda Brands, Advisory Chair 
C. Advisory Committee BusinessFrieda Brands, Advisory Chair
C.1. Advisory Committee Member Comments
C.2. Executive Director Updates – Tammi Graham, Executive Director
D. Consent – Frieda Brands, Advisory Chair
D.1. Approve Draft Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2019
D.2. Approve First 5 Riverside 2020 Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule
E. Discussion/Action – Frieda Brands, Advisory Chair  
E.2. Week of the Young Child April 25, 2020 Planning – Sean Pravica, Public Information Specialist/Jill Kowalski, Administrative Services Officer
E.3. Nominations for First 5 Riverside Commission Finance Subcommittee
E.4. Recommend Approval of Unsolicited Proposal Submitted by Riverside University Health System Foundation for Expansion of The Riverside County Child Assessment Center – Piera Causley, Administrative Services Manager II
Attachments: (1)
F. Future Agenda Items – Frieda Brands, Advisory Chair  
F.1. Brown Act Training
F.2. F5R Goal Area Updates
G. Adjournment: To the Regular Meeting of the Riverside County Children and Families Commission's Advisory Committee on March 11, 2020 beginning at 12:00
Riverside County Children and Families Commission Office
585 Technology Court - Conference Room A
Riverside, California 92507

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