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November 15, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. President calls meeting to order
2. Public Comment
3. Accept Board minutes
4. General Information
4.A. Presentation from  Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott LLP
Description:  Brent Sherrod with Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott will be at the board meeting.  Perdue Brandon is a law firm that focuses on government tax collections from property owners and performs property value study appeals and audits on behalf of school districts.  I asked Mr. Sherrod to present only for educational purposes after I recently learned that he attends board meetings to explain how the firm assists school districts. 
4.B. Principal Report
4.C. Overview of School FIRST Rating (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas)
Description:  The FIRST rating is based on the audited books for the 19-20 school year since the 20-21 books are being reviewed now by the auditors. Statute requires that a notice be placed in the newspaper making the public aware of the meeting in which the FIRST rating is reviewed.  Miami received a 98 out of 100 or a Superior Rating. We dropped two points because we made our lump recapture payment in August, which the audit showed we had a larger amount in payables at the end of the year.  It is my opinion that making the lump payment in August outweighs the loss of two points since the district keeps the money in the bank and earns interest on the money (even as small of an amount of interest we are earning.)
4.D. Review the District's Investment Policy
4.E. Discuss Team of Eight Training
Description:  The school board and superintendent are required to annually have "Team of Eight" training. I would like to recommend to the board to consider Stragtegic Planning training.  Region 16 is starting to do this training.  Strategic Planning allows the board to set long-term goals for the district.  This training will complement the work Mrs. Word, Mr. Long, and  I have been learning about which is developing a community-based accountability system (CBAS).  Right before COVID, Mr. Long and I presented an overview of CBAS then our focus had to change to other pressing issues.  We are now back revisiting and learning about CBAS.  CBAS does not replace the STAAR testing but gives our stakeholders an opportunity to develop what skills and knowledge are important for Miami students to graduate with and highlight strengths and talents in our students such as welding, art, band, cooking, technology, etc. 
5. Business Items
5.A. Canvass the November 2, 2021 School Board Election
Description:  Total votes for both Roberts and Gray Counties

Oak Hale 133 votes
Brock  Hodges 132 votes
Ryan Windley124 votes
5.B. Swear in Trustees by Judge Tennant
5.C. Discussion and possible action to reorganize the Miami School Trustee Officers
Description:  Current Officers:
Brian Benge:  president
Rusty Early: vice-president
Brock Hodges: secretary

5.D. Discussion and possible action to vote on Gray Couty Appraisal District Board of Directors
Description:  Last month, the board made nominations for the director.  This month the board votes on the director.  
5.E. Discussion and possible action to update signature cards with First Bank and Trust
Description:  The signature cards need to be updated at the bank.  Oak needs to be added to the accounts and Mrs. Word added to the imprest account only.
5.F. Discussion and possible action to approve work at the project center
Description:  Chelsi is checking on this.  The last time it was discussed, the board was willing to put funds toward enclosing the lean-to at the project center, but needed more information on the county and stock show board's contribution amount before the district determined how much to contribute. The project center is co-owned between the school district and the county. The district pays the utility bills and the county takes care of the maintenance. 
5.G. Executive session: 551.0821: To deliberate a matter regarding a public school student if personally identifiable information about the student will necessarily be revealed by the deliberation.
6. Consent Agenda: Financial Reports
6.A. Review Bills
6.B. Cash and Investment Report
6.C. General Fund Revenues Report
6.D. Activity Fund Balances
6.E. Tax Report
6.F. Transportation Report
6.G. Revenue Projection Report
Description:  This is a new report.  Feel free to tell me if you find it beneficial or not. 
The first column under the M&O section is budgeted revenue and recapture that was budgeted in August.  The adjacent column reflects what revenue has been received to date.  In this section, you will also find the updated recapture amount based on the financial template after the second six-week data.  The reason for the increase in recapture is because of fewer ADA that was budgeted and our actual numbers. 
The far-right column is the revenue budgeted to cover the bond payment and what taxes we have collected to date based on our collection report from the county.  The tax revenue is less for both M&O and I&S because it is still early in property owners paying their taxes. I used the interest amounts from the Cash and Investment report in case you were wondering where those numbers came from. 
7. Personnel
7.A. Hirings, if any
Description:  None
7.B. Resignations, if any
Description:  None since the last board meeting.
Lynn Lundberg will be retiring at Christmas. 

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