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March 21, 2022 at 6:30 PM - School Board Meeting

1. Call meeting to order by the chairperson.
2. Roll call by the clerk.
3. Pledge of Allegiance.
4. Approval of agenda - revise or remove as needed.
5. *Comments from visitors.
5.A. Comments from visitors must be informational in nature and not exceed five (5) minutes per issue.  The Board cannot engage in a discussion or debate in this five minutes but will take the information and find answers if that is appropriate.  As part of board protocol, it is unacceptable for any speaker to slander or engage in character assassination at a public board meeting.
6. Scheduled presentations: (Max. 10 Minutes)
6.A. Change in daily schedule for 2022-2023 - Paul Karelis
7. Old Business:  
7.A. Approve the following policies, 2nd Reading:
7.A.1. Policy 902 - Use of School District Facilities and Equipment
Attachments: (1)
7.A.2. Policy 902.-1 to be removed from ISD1 Policies
Attachments: (1)
7.A.3. Policy 101 - Legal Status of the School District
Attachments: (1)
7.A.4. Policy 101.1 - Name of the School District
Description:  Policy 101 - Legal Status of the School District
7.A.5. Policy 103 - Complaints-Students, Employees, Parents, Other Persons
7.A.6. Policy 103, Complaint Form
Attachments: (1)
7.A.7. Policy 104 - School District Mission Statement
Attachments: (1)
7.A.8. Policy 201 - Legal Status of the School Board
7.A.9. Policy 202 - School Board Officers
7.A.10. Policy 203 - Operation of the School Board - Governing Rules
Attachments: (1)
7.A.11. Policy 203.1 - School Board Procedures; Rules of Order
Attachments: (1)
7.A.12. Policy 203.2 - Order of the Regular School Board Meeting
Attachments: (1)
7.A.13. Policy 203.5 - School Board Meeting Agenda
Attachments: (1)
7.A.14. Policy 203.6 - Consent Agendas
Attachments: (1)
7.A.15. Policy 203.7 - School Board Compensation
Attachments: (1)
7.A.16. Policy 504 - Student Dress and appearance
Attachments: (1)
7.B. Minnesota Student Survey 
7.C. Discuss and approve ICS proposal for Facilities planning. See attached bids.
Attachments: (3)
7.D. Curriculum review plan
7.E. Discuss streaming board meetings
7.E.1. Continue as we are - will need to pay or adjust schedules for someone to do the streaming
7.E.2. Discontinue streaming meetings
Mr Miller has resigned his volunteer position as "streaming coordinator"
7.F. Discuss  Strategic Plan 
7.F.1. Big River Proposal
7.F.2. E & F Services Proposal
8. New business:
8.A. Approve consent agenda items as follows:
8.A.1. Approve the following School Board Meeting Minutes:
8.A.1.a. 2/14/22 School Board Meeting Minutes
Attachments: (1)
8.A.2. Office Receipts for the month of February, 2022 in the amount of $1,291,124.84. 
8.A.3. Report of expenditures for February 2022, including $365,824.29 for bills and $894,956.69  for payroll and district contribution to PERA, TRA, OASDI/Medicare and 403(b).
Attachments: (1)
8.A.4. Donations for February, 2022, in the amount of $6,019.81 .
Attachments: (1)
8.A.5. Wire transfers for February, 2022, in the amount of $1,200,000.00. 
Attachments: (1)
8.A.6. Approve Youth Service Grants: 
8.A.6.a. Grad Blast, 2022, Angie Harmon, $1,000
Attachments: (1)
8.A.6.b. Field Trip, 2022
8.A.7. Consider and approve the following Extra-curricular Assignments:
8.A.7.a. Rick Gerber, Softball Junior High Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.b. Christopher Orpen, Junior High Baseball Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.c. Jeremy Janzen, Head Baseball Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.d. Jim Leiviska, Head Softball Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.e. Ava Carlson, Head Girls Track Coach  
8.A.7.f. Adam Carlson, Head Boys Track Coach  
8.A.7.g. Jen Waldorf, Head Boys Tennis Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.h. Jason Cline, Head Girls Golf Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.i. Greg Hills, Baseball Varsity Assistant
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.j. Nathan Ehnstrom, Baseball Varsity Assistant
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.k. Steve Moreland, Baseball Junior High Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.l. Ben Schwarz, Softball Varsity Assistant
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.m. Lena Broechel, Softball Junior High Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.n. Jason Long, Track Junior High Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.o. Delene Thomas-Sanders, Track Junior High Coach
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.p. Allie Carlson, Boys Tennis Varsity Assistant (Split)
8.A.7.q. Lindsey Cline, Girls Golf Assistant (Split)
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.r. Curt Earhart, Girls Golf Assistant (Split)
Attachments: (1)
8.A.7.s. Dawn Hines, JH Boys Tennis Coach (Split)
8.A.8. Approve Volunteer Coaches:
8.A.8.a. Baseball Volunteers:
8.A.8.a.1. Jamie Trotter
8.A.8.a.2. Mike Olsen
8.A.8.b. Jeff Ehnstrom
8.A.8.c. Dave Ditty
8.A.8.d. Randy Stauter
8.A.8.e. Logan Quade
8.A.8.f. Softball Volunteers:
8.A.8.f.1. Austin Krohn
8.A.8.f.2. Tim Shereck
8.A.8.f.3. Scott Melz
8.A.8.f.4. Crystal Koonce
8.A.8.g. Track Volunteers:
8.A.8.g.1. Nicole Visnovec
8.A.8.h. Boys Tennis Volunteers:
8.A.8.h.1. Tracey Kennedy 
8.A.9. Approve Hirings:
8.A.9.a. Tammy Hagen, Route Bus Driver, 3/1/22
8.A.10. Approve Resolution Relating to the Termination and Non-Renewal of the following Probationary Teacher: Due to teachers being on an Out of Field Placement license or a Tier 1 or 2 license
8.A.10.a. Michaela Monson, Foods Teacher
8.A.11. Approve the following Retirements:
8.A.11.a. Chris Halvorson, Band Teacher, June 8, 2022
8.A.11.b. Kathy Larson, Bus Driver, 2/28/22
Attachments: (1)
8.A.12. Approve the following FMLA for Medical Leave:
8.A.12.a. Victoria Bill
8.A.12.b. Heather Goudge
8.B. Discussion Items:
8.B.1. Data Requests - Dawn Houser
8.B.2. Discuss and approve re-leasing Bus 25 for $18,893.13.
8.B.3. Discuss and approve Sub pay changes
9. Administrative reports:
9.A. Board Members Reports:
9.B. Committee Reports:
9.B.1. 3/1/22 Facilities and Finance Committee Meeting & Minutes
9.B.2. 030922 Policy Committee Meeting with Minutes
Attachments: (1)
9.B.2.a. Policy 204 - School Board Meeting Minutes, 1st Reading
Attachments: (1)
9.B.2.b. Policy 205 - Open Meetings and Closed Meetings
Attachments: (1)
9.B.2.c. Policy 206 - Public Participation in School Board Meetings/Complaints about Persons at School Board Meetings and Data Privacy Considerations. 
Attachments: (1)
9.B.2.d. Policy 207 - Public Hearings, 1st Reading
Attachments: (1)
9.B.2.e. Policy 208 -  Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies
Attachments: (1)
9.B.3. 3/9/22 Transportation Committee Meeting and Minutes
Attachments: (1)
9.B.4. 2/16/22 Meet and Confer Committee Meeting and Minutes
9.C. Superintendent's report:
9.C.1. Enrollment
9.C.2. Reading Title Teacher  
9.C.2.a. Continue with this position for 2 more years using a combination of title and Esser funds
9.C.3. HS SpEd teacher:
9.C.3.a. Continue with this position
9.C.3.a.1. SpEd numbers indicate that this position will continue to be needed
9.C.4. Budget items
9.C.4.a. Student enrollment loss
9.C.4.a.1. Revenue decline over the last 5 years
9.C.4.a.2. Loss in over $1,000,000 in revenue
9.C.4.b. Compensatory Aid loss - approx. $450,000 over the last 3 years. 
9.C.4.b.1. Combined with decline in enrollment and fewer applications for free and reduced lunch
9.C.4.b.1.1. 2020-2021 $647,836 2021-2022 $463,169 = $184,000 loss
9.C.4.b.1.2. 2020-2021 $647,836 2022-2023 $359,271 = $288,271 loss
9.C.4.b.1.3. 2 year total loss = $472,565
9.C.5. Rippleside Elementary Staffing/Enrollment
Class sections for 2022-2023 based on February enrollment numbers
9.C.5.a. Staffing 2022-2023
9.C.5.a.1. K-projected 55-60, 3 sections 18-20 students
9.C.5.a.2. 1-currently in K, 53, 3 sections 17 or 18 students
9.C.5.a.3. 2-currently in 1st, 70, 3 sections 23 or 24 students
9.C.5.a.4. 3-currently in 2nd, 58, 3 sections 19 or 20 students
9.C.5.a.5. 4-currently in 3rd, 58, 3 sections 19-20 students
9.C.5.a.6. 5-currently in 4th, 89, 4 sections 22 or 23
9.C.5.a.7. 6-currently in 5th, 75, 3 sections 25 students
9.C.6. School Board Recognition Week 
9.D. Upcoming meetings:
9.D.1. Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Personnel Committee Meeting, 3:45, AHS Media Center.
9.D.2. Thursday, March 31, 2022, Mediation, 9:30 a.m., District Office
9.D.3. Tuesday, April 5, 2022, Facilities and Finance Committee Meeting, 3:45 p.m., AHS Media Center
9.D.4. Wednesday, April 6, 2022, Safety Committee Meeting, 3:45 p.m. AHS Media Center
9.D.5. Monday, April 11, 2022, Board Work Session, 6:30 p.m., AHS Media Center
9.D.6. Wednesday, April 13, 2022, Policy Committee Meeting, 3:45 p.m., AHS Media Center
9.D.7. Monday, April 18, 2022, School Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m., AHS Media Center
9.E. Other:
10. Close meeting under MN Statute 13D.03, Labor negotiations strategy
11. Re-open meeting
12. Adjourn.
13. Office Receipts for the month of February, 2022 in the amount of $1,291,124.84. 
14. Report of expenditures for February 2022, including $365,824.29 for bills and $894,956.69  for payroll and district contribution to PERA, TRA, OASDI/Medicare and 403(b).
15. Donations for February, 2022, in the amount of $6,019.81 .
16. Wire transfers for February, 2022, in the amount of $1,200,000.00. 

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