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November 16, 2020 at 7:00 PM - School Board Meeting

1. Call meeting to order by the chairperson.
2. Roll call by the clerk.
3. Pledge of Allegiance.
4. Approval of agenda - revise or remove as needed.
5. *Comments from visitors.
5.A. Comments from visitors must be informational in nature and not exceed five (5) minutes per issue.  The Board cannot engage in a discussion or debate in this five minutes but will take the information and find answers if that is appropriate.  As part of board protocol, it is unacceptable for any speaker to slander or engage in character assassination at a public board meeting.
6. Old Business:  
6.A. Approve the following Policies, 2nd Reading:
6.A.1. Policy 601 - School District Curriculum and Instruction Goals
6.A.2. Policy 602 - Organization of School Calendar and School Day 
6.A.3. Policy 603 - Curriculum Development
6.A.4. Policy 604: Instructional Curriculum
6.A.5. Policy 609 - Religion
7. New business:
7.A. Approve consent agenda items as follows:
7.A.1. Approve the following School Board Meeting Minutes:
7.A.1.a. November 12, 2020 Special Board Meeting Minutes
7.A.1.a.1. October 19, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting Minutes
7.A.1.b. Approve Resignations/Retirements:
7.A.1.b.1. Joanne Fedorko, Alt School Secretary
7.A.1.b.2. Jason Long, Jr. High Girls Basketball Coach, 11/2/20
7.A.1.b.3. Wally Cox, School Bus Driver, 9/1/20
7.A.2. Office receipts for the month of October, 2020 in the amount of $1,513,476.45.
7.A.3. Report of expenditures for October, 2020, including $564,527.72 for bills and $898,488.37 for payroll and district contribution to PERA, TRA, OASDI, Medicare and 403(b). 
7.A.4. Insurance Checks:  There were none to report
7.A.5. Wire transfers for October, 2020 in the amount of $700,000.00
7.A.6. Donations for October, 2020 in the amount of $28,960.00
7.A.7. Approve Youth Service Grant
7.A.7.a. Grad Blast 2021, Julie Miller & Amanda Vogtlin - $1,000.00
7.A.8. Approve Hirings:
7.A.8.a. Dan Krueger, Long-term Substitute Teacher, English, December 9-March 8, 2021
7.A.8.b. Holly Smith, Bus Paraprofessional, 11/17/20
7.A.9. Consider and approve the following Extra-curricular Assignments:
7.A.9.a. Approve to cancel contract for Angelica Montano for Volleyball coach and split the contract with Gina Ostrowski. Angelica Montano will received 60% of the pay and Gina Ostrowski will receive 40% of the Pay. 
7.A.9.a.1. Angelica Montano 60 % Contract
7.A.9.a.2. Gina Ostrowski, 40% Contract
7.A.9.b. Meredith Sander, National Honor Society
7.A.9.c. Andrea Pool, Sr. Student Council
7.A.9.d. Samantha Croatt, Junior High Student Council
7.A.9.e. Chris Halvorson, Pep Band
7.A.9.f. Irma Boerhave, Spanish Club
7.A.9.g. Erik Heimark, FFA
7.A.9.h. Dustin Richters, Co-Peer Leader
7.A.9.i. Lindsey Cline, Co-Peer leaders
7.A.9.j. Briana Tetrick, Yearbook
7.A.9.k. Briana Tetrick, Prom
7.A.9.l. Julie Asmus, 5th & 6th Grade Math Masters
7.A.9.m. Loren Vonasek, Continuing Education Chair & Set Design
7.A.9.n. Greg Hills, Boys Basketball Varsity Assistant
7.A.9.o. Daryl Smith, Boys Basketball Varsity Assistant
7.A.9.p. Ben Schwarz, Boys Basketball Varsity Assistant
7.A.9.q. Donavon Daiker, Girls Basketball Head Coach
7.A.9.r. Larry Liljenquist, Wrestling Head Coach
7.A.9.s. Shawn Hankel, Wrestling Varsity Assistant Coach
7.A.9.t. Greg Hills, Wrestling Varsity Assistant Coach
7.A.9.u. Keith Larson, Wrestling Junior High Assistant Coach
7.A.10. Seniority Lists for Approval
7.A.10.a. Approve 2020-2021 Bus Driver Seniority List
7.A.10.b. Approve 2020-2021 Aitkin Educational Support Staff Seniority List
7.A.10.c. Approve 2020-2021 Custodian & Cleaner Seniority List
7.A.10.d. Approve 2020-2021 Driver Competencies
7.B. Discuss and approve Dawn Hines position to stay full time in her position until the end of the School Year. 
7.C. Sheri Sanbeck, Alt School Secretary, 11/3/20 - Add three (3) hours/week for Alt School Secretary
7.D. Discuss and approve raising the Substitute rate for paraprofessionals from $10.50 an hour to $11.25 effective December 1, 2020.
7.E. Approve the Resolution of School Board Supporting Form A application to Minnesota State High School League Foundation.
7.F. Approve Trust in Us , LLC Drug and Alcohol Testing Service Agreement
7.G. e-Learning Plan, 2020-2021 School Year
8. Administrative reports:
8.A. Board Members Reports: None
8.B. Committee Reports:
8.B.1. 10/28/20 Personnel Committee Meeting
8.B.2. 11/11/20 Policy Committee Meeting Minutes
8.B.2.a. Policy 534 - Unpaid Meal Charges - 1st Reading
8.B.2.b. Policy 610 - Field Trips, 1st Reading
8.B.2.c. Policy 611 - Home Schooling, 1st Reading
8.B.2.d. Policy 612.1 - Development of Parent and Family Engagement Policies for Title I Programs
8.B.2.e. Policy 613 - Graduation Requirements, 1st Reading
8.B.2.f. Policy 615 - Testing Accommodations, Modifications, and Exemptions for IEPS, Section 504 Plans, and LEP Students
8.B.2.g. Policy 616 - School District System Accountability, 1st Reading
8.B.2.h. Policy 618 -  Assessment of Student Achievement, 1st Reading
8.C. Superintendent's report:
8.C.1. NE Service Cooperative 2020 Board Election Ballots for Board Members
8.C.2. 2020-2021 Enrollment:
8.C.3. Covid 19 Discussion
8.C.4. District Finances
8.C.5. Modify Student schedule for Covid-19 through the end of the school year.
8.D. Upcoming meetings:
8.D.1. 01/14/21, 01/21/21, 01/28/21 2021 MSBA Leadership Conference - Virtual Format
8.D.2. Wednesday, November 25, 2020, Personnel Committee Meeting, 3:45 p.m., AHS -Conference Room 137 & Google Chat
8.D.3. Monday, November 30, Board Work Session, 7:00 p.m., AHS -  Media Center and Google Chat
8.D.4. Thursday, December 3, 2020, Facilities and Finance Committee Meeting, 3:45 p.m., AHS Conference Room 137 & Google Chat
8.D.5. Wednesday, December 9, 2020, Policy Committee Meeting, 3:45 p.m. AHS - Art Room & Google Chat
8.D.6. Monday, December 14, 2020, Board Work Session, 7:00 p.m., AHS-Media Center & Google Chat
8.D.7. December 21, 2020, 6:30 p.m. Truth and Taxation Hearing, AHS Media Center & Google Chat
8.D.8. Monday, December 21, 2020, School Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m., AHS-Media Center & Google Chat. 
9. Adjourn.
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