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June 15, 2021 at 6:10 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Regular Business
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Approval of Agenda
I.D. Expressions/Comments from the Audience
Description:  Public opportunity to comment on agenda items.
II. Action Items
II.A. Consent Agenda (enclosures for each item listed):
Description:  Items listed below may be approved with one motion unless a board member requests that an item or items be removed for separate action. Any of the items may be questioned at any time. 
II.A.1. Regular Meeting Minutes - May 18, 2021
II.A.2. Special Meeting Minutes - June 7, 2021
II.A.3. Human Resources Report
II.A.4. Calendar of Events
II.A.5. Gifts
II.A.6. Payment Summary Report
II.A.7. Investment Report
II.B. Superintendent's Evaluation 
Presenter:  John Wolenberg
Description:  The Superintendent is evaluated annually by the Board of Education. 
II.C. 2020-21 Appropriations Act Amendment
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Action on the 2020-21 Appropriations Act Amendment.
II.D. 2021-22 General Appropriations Act
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  2021-22 Proposed Budgets for all funds. 
II.E. Great Start to Quality Resource Center
Presenter:  Karen Black
Description:  Approval of bid award for purchased services from Great Start to Quality Resource Centers. 
II.F. Heartwood Pool Deck Restoration
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Bid award for the restoration of the pool deck at Heartwood School. 
II.G. K-8 Reading Curriculum 
Presenter:  Sandee Donald
Description:  Bid award for the K-8 reading curriculum. 
II.H. LEA Technology Service Agreements
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  Annual technology service agreements with constituent districts.
II.I. REMC Database Resources
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  Purchase of proprietary subscriptions for on-line educational resources for REMC 13 participant districts. 
II.J. Discovery Education Licenses
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  Purchase of licenses which provide teachers and students instructional materials. 
II.K. Illuminate Education Software
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  Three-year renewal agreement with Illuminate Education. 
II.L. Medicaid Billing Agent Services
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Medicaid vendor services from Public Consulting Group (PCG). 
II.M. Special Education Administrator Services - Stockbridge
Presenter:  Emily Brewer
Description:  Special education administrator services agreement with Stockbridge Community Schools. 
II.N. Software for Absence and Substitute Management
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  2021-22 agreement with Red Rover Technologies LLC. 
II.O. Assessment Tools
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  Annual contract renewal of assessment tools. 
II.P. Facilities Custodial Supplies
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  This item is for the purchasing of custodial supplies for the 2021-22 school year. 
II.Q. Custodial Services Contract
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Extension of a bid award for the purchase of custodial services from Peckham. 
II.R. Kids' College
Presenter:  Emily Brewer
Description:  Kids' College agreements for instructors and a coordinator. 
II.S. Special Education Transportation Contract Extension
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  A temporary contract extension from July 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021 with Dean Transportation. 
II.T. Courier Service
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Courier service agreement for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school year. 
II.U. Business Services Agreements - Dansville Schools
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Renewal of Dansville Schools business agreement. 
II.V. Wilson Talent Center Lathes
Presenter:  Jamie Engel
Description:  Equipment bid for WTC lathes. 
II.W. Electrical Contract
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Contract extension for professional services with Consolidated Electrical Contractors.
II.X. New Position - Transition Coordinator
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  New position of Transition Coordinator for regular, vocational and special education students.
II.Y. Increase in FTE -Speech & Language Pathologists, Adaptive PE
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Request to increase FTE for Speech and Language Pathologists and Adaptive Physical Education for 2021-22. 
II.Z. Reclassify Early Childhood Coach Position
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to reclassify Early Childhood Coach position. 
II.AA. Resolution of Tribute
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Resolution of Tribute for Linda Seigo - Heartwood Paraprofessional. 
III. Discussion
III.A. New Position - Technical Assistance Provider/Teacher, ASD
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Proposed new position of Technical Assistance Provider and Teacher, Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
III.B. Increase in FTE - Teacher, Visually Impaired and Otherwise Health Impaired
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to increase FTE. 
IV. Information 
IV.A. Director of Early Childhood Special Education, Birth to 3
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to Hire - Michelle Sabo
IV.B. Executive Director, Student Support Services/Special Education
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to Hire - Crystal Cutler
IV.C. Resignation of WTC Associate Principal
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  The resignation of Julie Lublin, WTC Associate Principal. 
V. Superintendent's Report
VI. Board Reports
VII. Correspondence
VIII. Adjournment
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