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October 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Mission Statement
The mission of Bannockburn School is to meet the cognitive, social and emotional needs of students living in a global society
4. Nomination and Election of Vice-President
Description:  According to School Code, in the event the Board President is no longer able or willing to serve, the Vice President performs the duties of the President until the next reorganization meeting. 

As Nancy is the Vice President, that position is now open. 

(If the Board wishes, this does not have to be done tonight)
5. Board Discussion - Process for filling a vacancy on the Board.
6. Board Discussion - Metrics for Moving from Hybrid to Closing
7. Board Discussion - Families commitment to choose remote or hybrid learning.
Description:  Discussion regarding families commitment to choose remote or hybrid learning.
8. Hearing of Citizens
Description:  Note: All public bodies, during the course of a business meeting, must provide an opportunity for public comment.  Board members may limit the public comments to items listed on the agenda (not usually necessary) and a certain amount of time for each individual comment (generally only important when there is a highly controversial issue and high public demand to make a comment before the Board).  The public comment portion of the agenda is generally NOT a time for the Board to interact with the public or to respond to the comments made by any member of the public.  It is a time to allow comments to be heard by the Board.  If a member of the public wishes to make inflammatory comments regarding an employee of the District, the Board should request that such communication take place in Closed Session to protect the privacy rights of staff.
9. Follow-Up Task List 
At this time there is nothing to report on the task list
Description:  At this time there is nothing to report on the task list
10. Administrator's Report
10.a. Freedom of Information Act
Description:  We had 1 FOIA request from SmartProcure requesting information on purchases.
This request is made every 3 months by the same company.
The request was answered in a timely manner.
10.b. Presentation of K-2 Full Time Return Plan
10.c. Consent Agenda Review
11. Consent Agenda
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education approve the consent agenda items, as presented"  (Roll call vote)
11.a. Board and Closed Session (Open) Meeting Minutes
11.b. Bills for Payment
11.c. Budget Report
11.d. Fixed Rate
11.e. Treasurer's Report
11.f. Destruction of February and March 2019 Closed Session Audio Tapes
11.g. Approval of requiring family commitment to be remote or hybrid
11.h. Approval of Metrics to Move to Remote Learning
Description:  During the Administrative Report, a recommendation will be made as to closing metrics (in the event they are needed)
11.i. Approval of K-2 Full Time Return Plan
Description:  During the Administrator's Report, a plan for the return of K-2 students to full in-person learning will be presented. 
11.j. First Reading of new policies
12. Closed Session
Description:  I will provide the Board an update on the Dwyer case.
13. Open Session
14. Finalize Next Month's Task List
15. Adjourn
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