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December 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Hearing of Citizens
4. Consent Agenda
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education approve the consent agenda, as presented."  (Roll call vote)
4.a. Board and Closed Session (Open) Meeting Minutes
4.b. Bills for Payment
4.c. Budget Report
4.d. Treasurer's Report
4.e. Destruction of May 2010 Closed Session Audio Tape
5. Superintendent Reports
5.a. Legislative Reports
Description:  Although it is possible the legislature may convene for another day or two in December to address a couple of outstanding matters (like Sears and the CME) before their scheduled January 31st date, it is highly unlikely that the politically charged issue of public pensions will be addressed this session.  Aside from dealing with significant debt, the State's main focus at this time seems to be preventing businesses from leaving the State in the aftermath of the large income tax increase that was recently passed.   I will update the Board on any issues that may surface before the Board meets on Wednesday evening.
5.b. For Your Information
Description:  Note:  A few items of possible interest:
1.  Pioneer Press article on Bannockburn School service projects that makes me proud to be associated with our caring students and the teachers and parents that support their efforts to make a difference.
2.  Tribune article on Mirtis who has worked with our school in the development of our mosaics and, most recently, the wall murals in the multi-purpose room in honor of Sandy Mascolino.  Sandy's family was in town for Thanksgiving and Debbie invited them to come to school to see the mural when school was not in session.  They were all moved to see the lovely work of our students that captured Sandy"s spirit and affection for Bannockburn School.
3. Nick McConnell in the news!  Nick was a former Bannockburn Student who has been hailed as the next Einstein for his discovery of the "black hole".  He certainly makes us proud to boast that he began his education journey right here at Bannockburn School.  These are just three of many articles on this amazing young man.
4.  Superintendent's Tentative January Calendar.
6. Principal Reports
Description:  Debbie will update the Board on happenings around school including discussion about a parent request to change our graduation date and/or time.
6.a. School Updates
7. Board Reports
7.a. Building Committee
Description:  Ann will report on any updates relative to facility matters.  Whitman and I met with Jim Jones from Ameresco for our close out meeting on December 6th.  We reviewed many documents and, it seems, that everything is in good working order.  We are confident that Ameresco will remain involved in the event that any future concerns surface and appreciate that they have been highly responsive.  Currently, Whitman is securing quotes for a redundant cooling system for our computer network closet that has been experiencing some shut downs due to excessive heat.  When we installed the geothermal system, we did not include the network room because it was thought that it needed a separate system that could quickly cool the space.  At the time, the air conditioning unit seemed to function adequately.  However, we  have had to expand our network system and this generates increased temperatures that our current system can not adequately address.  When Whitman secures several quotes to address this problem, I will present them and a recommendation to the Board so that we can be proactive before the summer arrives.
7.b. NSSED Report
Description:  Stephanie Gordon will report on any NSSED matters.
8. Action Items
8.a. 2011 Tax Levy
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education adopt the 2011 Tax Levy in the amount of $6,308,518 as presented and the authorize the Superintendent to file the Certificate of Levy with the Lake County Clerk."  (Roll call vote)

Note:  There are no changes recommended in the tentative levy that the board approved for publication last month.  As was published in the Deerfield Review on December 1st, the levy requested is a zero increase over last year's extension.
8.b. Durham Transportation Services 2012-2013
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education approve a one-year contract extension with Durham School Services for student bus transportation for the 2012-2013 school year, as presented."  (Roll call vote)

Note:  After considerable negotiations with Durham, we were able to limit the increase in our transportation cost to 2.5%.  This includes all expenses related to potential increases in gas costs for the 2012-2013 school year.
8.c. Adoption - New Policy 7:305 - STUDENTS - Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries
Description:  Recommended motion:  "I move that the Board of Education adopt the new Policy 7:305 - Students - Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries, as presented."  (Voice vote)

Note:  Since there were no suggested changes from the first reading of this policy last month, it is recommended that the Board adopt this required policy as presented.
8.d. Personnel
8.d.1) Resignation - Jessica Pollack, Computer Lab Assistant
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education accept the resignation of Jessica Pollack as Computer Lab Assistant, as presented"  (Roll call vote)

Note:  Jessica is resigning to travel with her boyfriend who resides in Canada.  Debbie and Ginni are interviewing candidates and it is hopeful that a recommendation for employment will be presented in January.  If we identify a finalist candidate prior to the January board meeting, they will work as a substitute in the position until they are officially approved.
8.d.2) Boy's Basketball Assistant - Tim Harris
Description:  Recommended motion:  "I move that the Board of Education hire Tim Harris as the Boy's Basketball Assistant at $10 per hour for the 2011-2012 Boy's Basketball Season."

Note:  Tim Harris is a former Bannockburn School student, and currently a sophomore at Deerfield High School.
9. Closed Session
Description:  Recommended Motion: "I move that the Board of Education adjourn to closed session for the purpose of discussing the employment, compensation, discipline or performance of personnel."  (Roll call vote)

Note:  At this time the only item contemplated for possible discussion relates to questions concerning the employment of personnel and a matter of litigation.  
10. Return to Open Session
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education return to Open Session at ______" (Roll call vote)
11. Adjourn
Description:  Reommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education adjourn at ________"  (Roll call vote)

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