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September 29, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Mission Statement
The mission of Bannockburn School is to meet the cognitive, social and emotional needs of students living in a global society
4. Hearing of Citizens
5. Follow-Up Task List
6. Board Discussion - Current Metrics and Status of Move to Hybrid
7. Move to Hybrid Instruction
Description:  The Board will review previously approved metrics and determine whether school will move to hybrid instruction on October 5, 2020.

Established Metrics are...Incidence Rate under 1:10,000 and Positivity Rate under 3%. Both must be at or under these numbers for seven consecutive days using a 7 day rolling average in zip code 60015.
8. Board Discussion - Equity and Inclusion Committee
9. Move to Public Hearing on E-Learning Plan
10. E-Learning Plan Review
Description:  Liz Loughnane will review the E-Learning Plan for Bannockburn School
11. Hearing of Citizens
Description:  Note: All public bodies, during the course of a business meeting, must provide an opportunity for public comment.  Board members may limit the public comments to items listed on the agenda (not usually necessary) and a certain amount of time for each individual comment (generally only important when there is a highly controversial issue and high public demand to make a comment before the Board).  The public comment portion of the agenda is generally NOT a time for the Board to interact with the public or to respond to the comments made by any member of the public.  It is a time to allow comments to be heard by the Board.  If a member of the public wishes to make inflammatory comments regarding an employee of the District, the Board should request that such communication take place in Closed Session to protect the privacy rights of staff.
12. Close Public Hearing
13. Move to FY21 Budget Public Hearing
14. Presentation of FY21 Budget 
Description:  Dr. Herrmann will present a brief overview of the budget for the public hearing and answer any questions of the Board or public regarding the tentative budget proposed for adoption in the consent agenda.
15. Hearing of Citizens
Description:  Hearing of citizens regarding the presentation of the FY21 Budget
16. Close Public Hearing
17. Administrator's Report
18. Consent Agenda
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education approve the consent agenda items, as presented"  (Roll call vote)
18.a. Board and Closed Session (Open) Meeting Minutes
18.b. Bills for Payment
18.c. Budget Report
18.d. Treasurer's Report
18.e. FY21 Budget Approval
18.f. Approve the E-Learning Program Resolution
18.g. Performance Evaluations for 2020-21
18.h. Approve change to School Calendar
Description:  October 2nd will now be a Teacher Institute Day to prepare for Hybrid Learning.
October 13th will be a Student Attendance Day.
18.i. second and final reading of new policy regarding face coverings
18.j. Second and final reading of revised policies
19. Closed Session
Description:  Discussion of Levy Reduction Strategies
20. Finalize Next Month's Task List
21. Adjourn
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