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February 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Public Requests/Comments
3. Special Reports/Recognition
4. Curriculum and Instruction
5. Communications
6. Old Business
7. Approval of Consent Agenda
7.A. Approval of minutes of previous meeting(s)
7.B. Approval of Superintendent's Personnel Report
7.C. Approval of Superintendent's Financial Report
8. Committee and Superintendent Reports
8.A. Finance and Property
8.A.1. 2021 School Building and Site Bonds, Series II
8.A.2. IRS Closing Agreement on 3% Retiree Healthcare Contributions 
8.B. Community and Staff Relations 
8.B.1. Communications
8.B.2. Nice Job Notes
8.C. Policy and Curriculum
8.C.1. Video Recording of Board of Education Meetings
8.C.2. Policy 0152 - Terms
8.D. Capital Improvement Committee
8.D.1. Recommendations for Contract Awards - Steele Elementary
8.D.2. Material Testing Services
8.D.3. Hazardous Material Abatement
8.E. Superintendent
8.E.1. Approval of Contract for Chief Financial Officer
9. Introduction of Other Matters by Members of the Board
10. Introduction of Other Matters by the Superintendent
10.A. MASB Region 7 Ballot
11. Public Requests/Comments
12. Adjournment
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