January 11, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Organizational Meeting

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Special Reports/Recognition
2.A. Board Appreciation Month
3. Public Requests/Comments
4. Election of Officers
4.A. President
4.B. Vice President
4.C. Secretary 
4.D. Treasurer 
5. Depositories for School Funds
6. Checking Signature Authorizations
6.A. Authorize Board president, secretary, and treasurer as signatories on all accounts
7. Posting of Meeting Notices
7.A. Authorize the superintendent or executive assistant to the superintendent to post all meeting notices
8. Election Liaison
8.A. Authorize executive assistant to the superintendent to serve as liaison to the Mason City Clerk in carrying out election duties
9. Bid Advertisements
9.A. Authorize the superintendent or his designee to advertise for bids as required under Section 1267 of the Revised School Code
10. Appointment of Rayner Bond Fund Treasurer
11. Appointment of a Liaison to the Following Organizations: 
11.A. Athletic Council Representative 
11.B. Legislative Representative
11.C. IISD Board Representative 
11.D. Ingham School Officers Association Representative
11.E. Mason Public Schools Foundation Representative
11.F. Michigan Association of School Boards Representative
11.G. Teachers-Administration/Board Labor Management Representative 
11.H. Mason Promise Scholarship Representative
11.I. Local Development Finance Authority Representative
12. Appointments of Committees
12.A. Community and Staff Relations Committee
12.B. Finance and Property Committee
12.C. Policy and Curriculum Committee
12.D. Capital Improvement Committee
13. Board of Education Meeting Dates and Committee Meeting Dates Report 
14. Appointment of School Liaisons
14.A. Alaiedon Elementary
14.B. Harvey Education Center
14.C. North Aurelius Elementary
14.D. Steele Elementary
14.E. Mason Middle School
14.F. Mason High School
15. Curriculum and Instruction
16. Communications
17. Old Business
18. Approval of Consent Agenda
18.A. Approval of minutes of previous meeting(s)
18.B. Approval of Superintendent's Personnel Report 
18.C. Approval of Superintendent's Financial Report 
19. Committee and Superintendent Reports
19.A. Finance and Property
19.A.1. Approval of the Thrun Retainer Agreement
19.A.2. Miscellaneous Technology Purchases
19.B. Community and Staff Relations 
19.B.1. Nice Job Notes
19.B.2. Communications
19.C. Policy and Curriculum
19.C.1. Gifts and Bequests
19.C.1.a. North Aurelius PTO Teacher Gifts
19.C.1.b. Arts Initiative Mason (AIM) Sculpture Donation
19.D. Capital Improvement Committee
19.E. Superintendent
19.E.1. Superintendent Goals
19.E.2. Superintendent Evaluation Framework
19.E.3. Superintendent Summative Rubric
20. Introduction of Other Matters by Members of the Board
21. Introduction of Other Matters by the Superintendent
22. Public Requests/Comments
23. Adjournment
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