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February 22, 2008 at 10:00 AM - District 10-AAA Executive Committee

Public Notice
1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Action Item- Consider selection of Vice-Chairperson for the District 10-AAA Executive Committee.
4. Action Item- Consider District Chair Person for Each Sport/Activity
5. Discussion/Planning- General Policy, Football Policy, Volleyball Policy.
5.A. District 9-AAA General Policy 2007-2008
5.B. District 11-AAAA Football Policy 2006-2007
5.C. District 9-AAA Football Policy 2007-2008
5.D. District 11-AAAA Volleyball Plan 2006-2007
5.E. District 9-AAA Volleyball Plan 2007-2008
5.F. District 11-AAAA Cross Country Plan 2006-2007
5.G. District 9-AAA Cross Country Policy 2007-2008
5.H. District 11-AAAA Basketball Plan 2006-2007
5.I. District 9-AAA Basketball Policy 2007-2008
5.J. District 11-AAAA Soccer Plan 2006-2007
5.K. District 11-AAA Baseball Plan 2006-2007
5.L. District 11-AAA Softball Plan 2006-2007
5.M. District 11-AAA Golf Plan 2006-2007
5.N. District 11-AAA Tennis Plan 2006-2007
5.O. District 11-AAA Track Plan 2006-2007
5.P. District 9-AAA Baseball Policy 2007-2008
5.Q. District 9-AAA Softball Policy 2007-2008
5.R. District 9-AAA Literary Policy 2007-2008
6. Action Item- Consider General Policies for District 10-AAA.
7. Action Item- Consider Football Policy for District 10-AAA.
8. Action Item- Consider Volleyball Policy for District 10-AAA
9. Action Item- Consider Competition Date for Cross Country
10. Action Item- Consider date for basketball coaches to meet to develop Basketball Policy.
11. Action Item- Condsider date for next meeting.
13. Executive Session, Govt. Code 551.074
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