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October 18, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Public Notice
I. Call To Order
I.A. Invocation and Pledge to the US and Texas Flag
I.B. Recognize Members and Guests
I.C. Comments from the Public on Non-Agenda/Non-Personnel Items 
I.D. Comments from the Public on Agenda Items  
I.E. Special Recognition
II. Consent Agenda
II.A. Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting on September 20, 2021
II.B. Approve Financial Reports for September, 2021
II.C. Accept Gifts
III. Discussion Items
III.A. Update on Leopard Stadium Renovation and Drainage Projects - Claycom Architects
III.B. Campus Reports - La Grange Elementary, Middle School, High School
III.C. District Improvement Plan Draft
IV. Business Items
IV.A. Budget Amendments for 2021-2022
IV.B. Consider Appointment of the Technology and Instructional Materials Alltoment (TIMA) Committee for 2021-2022
IV.C. Consider Possible Action Regarding a Resolution Approving:
IV.C.1. the sale of the surface only of real property and any improvements described as 0.0181 of an acre  (789 square feet) parcel of land being our and a part of Lot 1 and 2, White and Bradshaw’s Division of Farm Block 34, recorded in Vol. 120, Page 437 Fayette County Deed Records, to the State of Texas, acting by and through the Texas Transportation Commission, for $2,798.00;
IV.C.2. the Special Warranty Deed;

IV.C.3. the Terms of the Memorandum of Agreement submitted by the State of Texas, acting by and through the Texas Transportation Commission; and authorizing the Board President to execute the proposed Warranty Deed, proposed to the State of Texas, all as set forth in the Resolution.

IV.D. Consider Personnel
IV.D.1. Consider New Teacher/Professional Contracts
IV.D.2. Resignations and/or Terminations for Professional Teaching Staff
V. Reports
V.A. Superintendent's Report
V.A.1. Enrollment Update
V.A.2. Attendance Update
V.A.3. District COVID Update
V.A.4. Team of 8 Training - November 1, 2021
V.A.5. Methods of Administration/Career & Technology Education TEA Audit
V.B. Assistant Superintendent's Report
V.B.1. Professional Learning - October 11, 2021
V.B.2. Head Start Program Update
V.C. Director of School Operations & Safety Report
V.C.1. School Safety Update
V.C.2. Maintenance Projects Update
V.C.3. Transportation Update

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