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May 9, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Business Meeting

Public Notice
1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
Description:  Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance
2. Agenda Approval 
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
Description:  Corrections/Deletions/Additions/Items from Consent Agenda for Individual Consideration
3. Recognition of Visitors
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
Description:  Public comment and acknowledgement of correspondence.  Individuals wishing to address the board may sign-in and be seated at the designated table when called upon.
4. Regular Business
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
4.A. Approval of Minutes, Monthly Meeting - April 11, 2022
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
4.B. Approval of Minutes, Special Meeting - May 6, 2022
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
4.C. Approval of Accounts Payable / Payroll / Transfers for April 2022
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
4.D. Approval of Consent Agenda
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
Description:  Human Resources actions pending approval.
5. Information Items
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
5.A. Review of Facilities Analysis
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
Description:  A facilities committee meeting has been scheduled for May 11 to develop a recommendation to the full board for action.
5.B. Proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget 
Speaker(s):  Jennifer Drotts
Description:  By statute, the board must approve an annual budget prior to June 30.
5.C. Review of Safe Schools Plan
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
Description:  Review current plan for discussion purposes only utilizing updated public health data.  
5.D. Elementary Principal's Report
Speaker(s):  Jennifer Stefan
5.E. High School Principal's Report
Speaker(s):  Joe Akre
5.F. Activities Program Report
Speaker(s):  Brent Schimek
5.G. Building and Grounds Department Report
Speaker(s):  Brent Schimek
5.H. Full Service Community Schools Program Report
Speaker(s):  Deanna Hron
5.I. Board Member or Committee Reports
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
5.J. Superintendent's Report
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
6. Action Items
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
6.A. Resolution to Nonrenew Probationary Staff
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
6.B. Extension of Student Transportation Agreement 
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
Description:  Per M.S. 123B.52 the District and the transportation provider (Nor-Tran, Inc.) may elect to extend an expiring contract for a period of up to two years.  
6.C. Acceptance of Donations
Speaker(s):  Travis Antilla
Description:  Donations received for the Prom Student Activity Account
6.D. Consideration of Rescinding Approval of an Additional 5th Grade Classroom for the 2022-2023 School Year
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
7. Future Meetings
Speaker(s):  Chairperson

May 10 - AFSCME Negotiations @ DRHS Conference Room, 5:00 p.m.

May 11, Facilities Committee @ DRHS Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

June 13, Regular Meeting @ 6:00 p.m., location to be determined by the Chair
8. Adjournment
Speaker(s):  Chairperson

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