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September 16, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Regular

Public Notice
1. Call to Order, Invocation, and Pledge to the Flag
2. Approval of Minutes for August 12, 2019 (Policy BCBHA)
3. Acknowledgements (Policy JF)
4. Opening & Approval of RFP(s) for Student Tutoring and Teacher Coaching (Policy DJED)
5. Consent Agenda (Policy BCBL)
5.1. Approval of Personnel Agenda - (Policy GBRCA, GBRJ & GBO) 
5.2. Approval of Hollandale School District Staff Salaries 
5.3. Approval of Out of State Travel
5.4. Approval of Advance Travel (Policies BBBC, BBBF, GAD, & DJD) 
5.5. Approval of Transportation Report (Policy EDA)
5.6. Approval of Substitute Teacher List
5.7. Approval of First Reading of New Policy IHB - GPA, Val, Sal, and Class Rank Policy (Policy BDE)
5.8. Approval to increase adult meal prices for breakfast & lunch 
5.9. Approval of Agreement to Furnish Food Service for CACFP between Washington County Opportunity, Inc. and Hollandale School District - (Policy BBG) 
5.10. Approval of Agreement between Dr. Julie Kelley Lowery (From Tears to Tiers) and Hollandale School District (Policy BBG, IDDF) 
5.11. Approval of Proposal between Lillie Robey and Hollandale School District (Policy BBG)
5.12. Approval of Asbestos Contract between Terracon, Inc. & Hollandale School District for 2019-2020 School Year (Policy BBG)
5.13. Approval of Revised Coaching Recommendations (Policy GBRCA) 
5.14. Approval of Simmons Jr. Sr. High School Employee Handbook
5.15. Approval of SPED Additional Support Request
6. Parent Request to Address the Board
7. Informational:
7.1. 16th Section Update
8. Financials:
8.1. Approval of Claim Docket(s) 009325 - 009585 (Policy DJ & IB)
8.2. Transfer of Funds (Policy DCI)
8.3. Statement of Fund Balances June 2019 (Policy DGA)
8.4. Statement of Fund Balances August 2019
8.5. Tentative Loans from District Maintenance (Policy DI)
8.6. Tentative Receivables (Policy DI)
8.7. Approval of Activity Report (Policy DK)
8.8. Revenue Budget
8.9. Budget Status Statement
9. Discussion/Approval: (Policy KB)
9.1. Approval of Title I, II, IV & V Budgets FY20 (Policy DFC) - (Tabled 8/12/19)
9.2. School Administrator's Report (Policy CO)
9.3. Discussion of Policy GBRI (Absence from Duty)
9.4. Bus Quotes Discussion 
9.5. Discussion of Roof Repair 
9.6. MSBA 2020 School Board Legislative Survey 
9.7. Approval to Hire Senior Interns for Homecoming (Future Focused Students Initiative) 
9.8. Discussion & Approval of Work Session - (Policy BJ)
9.8.1. HSD Board Calendar for 2019-2020
9.8.2. Dual Enrollment
9.8.3. Contesting Grades
9.8.4. School Facility Rental Policy (EBH)
10. Superintendent's Report (Policy CO)
10.1. Trends and Updates in Education
11. Adjournment (Policy BCBA)
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