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August 12, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Regular

Public Notice
1. Call to Order, Invocation, and Pledge to the Flag
2. Approval of Adoption of Agenda (Policy BCBD)
3. Approval of Minutes for July 15, July 16, July 25, & July 29, 2019, August 2, 2019, August 3, 2019 (Policy BCBHA)
4. E. Cornell Malone Corporation: Facility improvements- (Mickey Garon and Gary Bailey)
5. Consent Agenda (Policy BCBL)
5.1. Approval of Professional Development Plan for 2019-2020 (Policy GADA)
5.2. Approval of Community Engagement Plan (Policy KCB)
5.3. Approval of Teacher Recruitment and Retention Plan 2019-2020
5.4. Approval of Revisions of Policy JDB (Corporal Punishment) - (Policy BDE)
5.5. Approval of Revisions of Policy JCSA (Uniform Policy) - (Policy BDE) 
5.6. Approval of Contract Agreement between Bailey Education Group, LLC and Hollandale School District - (Policy BBG)
5.7. Approval of Personnel Agenda (Policy GBD)
5.8. Approval of Advance Travel (Policies BBBC, BBBF, GAD, & DJD)
5.9. Approval of Transportation Report (Policy EDA)
5.10. Approval of Contract Agreement between Washington County Opportunities, Inc. (WCOI) Head Start and Hollandale School District - (Policy BBG) 
5.11. Approval of PSA FY 20 Agreement between Teach for America and Hollandale School District - (Policy BBG)
5.12. Approval to Advertise for Vacant Positions (DHA, District, Etc.)
5.12.1. Instructional Coach, Teacher Assistant, ICT Teacher & Business Finance
5.13. Approval of Revised District Goals 
5.14. Approval of RFP for Student Tutoring and Teacher Coaching
5.15. Approval of SRO Agreement between Washington County Sheriff's Department and Hollandale School District - (Policy BBG)
5.16. Approval of proposal between Blue Sky Therapy and Hollandale School District - (Policy BBG)
5.17. Approval of HSD Exceptional Education Procedural Handbook 2019-2020 School Year
5.18. Approval of Washington County Juvenile Detention Center Contract for Joint Operation Agreement - (Policy BBG)
5.19. Approval of Child Nutrition Procurement Plan - (Policy BBG)
5.20. Approval of Food Service Substitute List
5.21. Approval of Fundraiser - (Policy JK)
5.22. Approval of NISL Counselor Collaborative
5.23. Approval to advertise for Senior Composites
5.24. Approval of Revised Coaching Recommendations 2019-2020
5.25. Approval of Sanders Elementary School Employee Handbook for 2019-2020
5.26. Approval of Sanders Elementary School Student Handbook 2019-2020
5.27. Approval of Simmons Jr. Sr. High School Student Handbook 2019-2020
5.28. Approval of Requests from SJSHS Principal
6. Informational:
6.1. 16th Section Update
6.2. Update on Delta Health Alliance
7. Financials:
7.1. Approval of Claims Docket 009195 to 009324 - (Policy IB & DJ)
7.2. Transfer of Funds (Policy DCI)
7.3. Statement of Fund Balance
7.4. Tentative Loans from District Maintenance - (Policy DI)
7.5. Tentative Receivables - (Policy DI)
7.6. Five-Year Fund Balance (1120) Comparison - (Policy DGA)
8. Discussion & Approval: (Policy KB)
8.1. Approval of Title I, II, IV & V Budgets FY20
8.2. School Administrator's Report (Policy CO)
8.3. Approval of Request from Hollandale Blue Devils Pee Wee Football League (Policy EBHA)
8.4. Discussion of First Reading of Policy GBRI (Absence from Duty)
8.5. Approval to apply for ACT Jump Start - (Samuel Matthews, Jr.)
8.6. Approval to purchase used buses from Western Line School District
8.7. Approval to Request to move September 9, 2019 Regular Board Meeting to September 16, 2019
9. Superintendent's Report (Policy CO)
9.1. Trends and Updates in Education
9.2. Presentation of MSBA Board Development Training Certificates
10. Adjournment (Policy BCBA)
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