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September 17, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Regular

Public Notice
1. Call to Order, Invocation, and Pledge to the Flag
2. Approval of Adoption of Agenda (Policy BCBD)
3. Approval of Minutes for August 13, 2018, August 16, 2018, and September 05, 2018  (Policy BCBHA)
4. Acknowledgements (Policy JF)
4.1. Roy Schillings 
4.2. Mayor Charlie Murrow 
4.3. Fannie Knight 
5. Consent Agenda (Policy BCBL)
5.1. Approval of Revised Policies: Section G (Policy BDC)
5.2. Approval to Review Policy Section D (Policy BDE)
5.3. Approval of first reading of revision of Policy DJD (Expense Reimbursements) (Policy BDC)
5.4. Approval of first reading of Data Collection Policy (Policy BDC)
5.5. Approval of first reading of New Policy DJEC (Federal Purchasing & Procurement) (Policy BDC)
5.6. Approval of first reading of New Policy DFCAA (Federal Loans and Grants)
5.7. Approval of first reading of revised Policy FB (Policy BDC)
5.8. Approval of Personnel Agenda (Policy GBD)
5.9. Approval of Out of State Travel
5.10. Approval of Advance Travel (Policies BBBC, BBBF, GAD, & DJD)
5.11. Approval of Maintenance Report (Policy EB)
5.12. Approval of Inventory Report/Deletion of Fixed Asset(s) (Policy DM)
5.13. Approval of Transportation Report (Policy EDA)
5.14. Approval of Asbestos Contract between Terracon, Inc. and Hollandale School District for 2018-2019 school year - (Policy BBG)
5.15. Approval of Agreement between Life Help and Hollandale School District 2018-2019 school year - (Policy BBG)
5.16. Approval of Agreement between Washington County Opportunities Food Service and Hollandale School Year 2018-2019 school year - (Policy BBG)
5.17. Approval of Contract for Joint Operation of Washington County Juvenile Detention Center and Hollandale School District for the 2018-2019 school year - (Policy BBG)
5.18. Approval of  Agreement between Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Agreement of Cooperation for Transition Services and Hollandale School District -  (Policy BBG)
5.19. Approval of Hope for Kids Afterschool Program at Sanders Elementary School
5.20. Approval of District-Based Parent Liaison Job Description
5.21. Approval of School-Based Parent Liaison Job Description
5.22. Approval of English Learner Liaison Job Description
5.23. Approval of Consultant Agreements (Policy BBG)
5.24. Approval of Coaching Recommendations (Policy GBRCA)
5.25. Approval of Success Academy (Policy JQH, JBA, IHA)
5.26. Approval of MDE School Recognition Supplements
5.27. Approval of Substitute Teacher List
5.28. Approval of Fundraisers (Policy JK)
5.29. Approval of 2017-2018 Yearbook Pre-Sale 
5.30. Promotion Ceremony Yearbook Fees
6. Informational (Policy KB)
6.1. Tentative Board Work Session on September 24, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. 
6.2. Upcoming Events
6.3. Life in the Delta Magazine - Feature of Hollandale
6.4. MSBA 2019 School Board Legislative Survey
6.5. School Board Attorney Advertisement
6.6. Mamie Warren and The Delta RAT Pack
7. Discussion & Approval: (Policy KB)
7.1. School Administrator's Report (Policy KB)
7.2. Discussion & Approval of Walk-Through for the month of February (February 7, 2019 or February 21, 2019)
7.3. Chambers Middle School
8. Superintendent's Report (Policy CO)
8.1. District Data
8.2. Current Trends and Updates in Education: MDE Cut Scores for District with a 12th Grade, etc.
8.3. NISL EDP Facilitator, Employee Retention, College Credits for Participants
9. Financials:
9.1. Approval of Claim Docket(s) 00006949 - 007213 (Policy DJ & IB)
9.2. Transfer of Funds (Policy DCI)
9.3. Tentative Fund Balances (Policy DGA)
9.4. Tentative Loans from District Maintenance (Policy DI)
9.5. Tentative Receivables (Policy DI)
9.6. Approval of Activity Report (Policy DK)
9.7. Five Year Comparison of Fund Balance
10. Consideration for Closed Session: Update on Resignation of Staff, Legal Updates (SPED Matter and any updates from Atty. Richard) (Policy GBO, AA)
11. Adjournment (Policy BCBA)
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