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August 13, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Regular

Public Notice
1. Call to Order, Invocation, and Pledge to the Flag
2. Approval of Adoption of Agenda (Policy BCBD)
3. Approval of Minutes for July 16, 2018, July 17, 2018 and August 6, 2018 (Policy BCBHA)
4. Acknowledgements (Policy JF)
5. Consent Agenda (Policy BCBL)
5.1. Approval of Professional Development Plan for 2018-2019 (Policy GADA)
5.2. Approval of Community Engagement Plan (Policy KCB)
5.3. Approval of Policy Revisions: Section I & J (Policy BDC)
5.4. Approval of New Policy JOA (Student's Voter Registration) (Policy BDC)
5.5. Approval of Policy Review: Section G (Policy BDE)
5.6. Approval of First Reading of Revised Policies: Section G (Policy BDC)
5.7. Approval of Personnel Agenda (Policy GBD)
5.8. Approval of Resignation of Staff (Policy GBO)
5.9. Approval to Paid Retiree Leave (Policy GBRI)
5.10. Approval of Advance Travel (Policies BBBC, BBBF, GAD, & DJD)
5.11. Approval of Maintenance Report (Policy EB)
5.12. Approval of Inventory Report (Policy DM)
5.13. Approval of Transportation Report (Policy EDA)
5.14. Approval of Athletic Handbook for 2018-2019 (Policy GRRCA)
5.15. Approval of Transitional Collaborative Agreement between Washington County Opportunities, Inc. and Hollandale School District (Policy BBG)
5.16. Approval of Delta Health Alliance Memorandum of Agreement for 2018-2019 (Policy BBG)
5.17. Approval of Teacher Recruitment and Retention Plan (Policy BCG)
5.18. Approval of Staff Resolution - Felecia Terrell King-Rayford  (Policy AABA)
5.19. Approval of MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) between Hollandale School District and Teach for America, Inc. (Policy BBG)
5.20. Approval of "Grow Your Own Teacher" Test Preparation Program (Policy GADA)
5.21. Approval of Compiled Janitorial Supply Bid(s) (Policy DJEB)
5.22. SPED Job Description
6. Informational (Policy KB)
6.1. Board Training Opportunities
6.1.1. MSBA 2018 Policy/Social Media Conference on September 10-11, 2018 in Jackson, MS (Policy BBBC)
6.1.2. 2019 National School Board Conference in Philadelphia, PA on March 30 - April 1, 2019 (Policy BBBC)
6.2. Student, Teacher & Parent Advisory Committees (Policy CL)
7. Discussion & Approval: (Policy KB)
7.1. School Administrator's Report (Policy CO)
7.2. Approval of Job Description for Board Attorney (Policy BBE)
7.3. Approval of advertisement, agreement, letter and bid sheet for Board Attorney (Policy BBE)
7.4. Approval of Request from Hollandale Blue Devils Pee Wee Football League (Policy EBHA)
7.5. Reimbursement of Rental Fee for the Repast of Mrs. Martha Love (Policy EBH)
8. Superintendent's Report (Policy CO)
8.1. Trends and Updates in Education
8.2. Gifted Monitoring
9. Financials
9.1. Approval of Claims Docket 00006747 to 00006911 (Policy IB & DJ)
9.2. Activity Report (Policy DK)
9.3. Transfer of Funds (Policy DCI)
9.4. Tentative Fund Balances (Policy DGA)
9.5. Tentative Loans from District Maintenance (Policy DI)
9.6. Tentative Receivables (Policy DI)
9.7. Five-Year Fund Balance (1120) Comparison ( Policy DGA)
10. Community Member to Address the Board - (Dr. Jacqueline McCoy) - (Policy BCBI)
11. Consideration for Closed Session:  Superintendent's Evaluation, Coaching Recommendations, Resignation of Staff & Legal Updates - Student Matter and Chambers Middle School Walk-Through (Policies ECI, BCBH, CGN, AA, IDDF, IDDHC, & ABB)
12. Adjournment (Policy BCBA)
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