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June 30, 2015 at 5:00 PM - Special Called

Public Notice
1. Call to Order and Invocation:
2. Adoption of Agenda:
3. Consent Agenda:
3.1. Approval of Budget Resolution(s)
3.1.1. District Maintenance & Local Contribution to MAEP
3.1.2. Qualified School Construction Bond Note
3.2. Approval of Recommendation of Staff
3.3. Approval of Process for Entry/Finalization of Board Minutes
3.4. Approval of Insurance Coverage with Home Insurance Agency
3.5. Approval to amend Grading Policy IHA
3.6. Approval to review/amended policies
3.7. Approval to delete items from fixed assets
3.8. Approval of coaches attending coaching clinic
3.9. Approval of Advance Travel
3.10. Approval of agreement between Republic Services and Hollandale School District
3.11. Approval of request of Baseball Field at Simmons Junior/Senior High School - (Arcola Community Athletic Program)
3.12. Approval to apply for Expert Citizen License
3.13. Approval of speakers for professional development
3.14. Approval of request of agreement with WXVT Television Station and Delta Democrat Times
3.15. Approval of Enrollment Form - SES & SJSHS
3.16. Approval of agreement between Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc. and Hollandale School District
3.17. Approval of Corrective Action Plan for Food Service & purchase of cafeteria furniture
4. Discussion/Approval:
4.1. Approval of request to lease adjoining building next to central office
4.2. Discussion & Approval of scheduled work session
5. Financial:
5.1. Approval of Claim Dockets 147071 to 147346 and Activity Funds
5.2. Approval of Financial Statements for the Month of June
5.3. Approval to adopt 2015-2016 Budgets
5.4. Approval of Receivables
5.5. Approval of Loans
5.6. Approval of Fund Balance
6. Superintendent/Director Report:
6.1. Audit update
6.2. Strategic Management Plan
6.3. Counselor Training
6.4. P-16 Community Engagement Council
7. Superintendent's Evaluation Results
8. Adjournment
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