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December 10, 2012 at 5:30 PM - Regular

Public Notice
1. Call to Order and Invocation:
2. Adoption of Agenda:
3. Approval of Minutes of November 7th and 14th, 2012
4. Opening and Approval of 16th Section Land Bids (590 acres)
5. Consent Agenda:
5.1. Approval of Recommendation of Staff
5.2. Approval of Revised Mileage Reimbursement Rate
5.3. Approval of State Reimbursement Rates
5.4. Approval of Advance Travel
5.5. Approval to Delete Items from Fixed Assets
5.6. Approval of grant allocation funds K-3 Universal Screener in Language Arts/Reading and Mathematics
5.7. Approval of Memorandum of Understanding between Washington County Opportunities, Inc. and Hollandale School District for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013
5.8. Approval of SIG (School Improvement Grant) amendment #1 for Year (FY 2013) - Simmons Junior-Senior High School
5.9. Approval of revised Policies :
5.9.1. Board Powers and Duties (ABB)
5.9.2. School Calendar (AEA)
5.9.3. Regular Meeting (BCAB)
5.9.4. Board Meeting Preparation (BCBC)
5.9.5. Superintendent Compensation & Benefits (CEE)
5.9.6. Consent Agenda (BCBL)
5.9.7. Superintendent Evaluation (CEI)
5.9.8. Appointed Superintendent Separation (CEJ)
5.9.9. Administrative Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts (CGA)
5.9.10. Administrative Personnel Separation (CGM)
5.9.11. Administrative Records (CN)
5.9.12. Payroll Procedure (DJC)
5.9.13. Pay Day Schedule (DJCA)
5.9.14. Use of School Property (EBHA)
5.9.15. Professional Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts (GBA)
5.9.16. Professional Personnel Suspension/Dismissal (GBK)
5.9.17. Professional Personnel Separation/Nonrenewal (GBN)
5.9.18. Sexual Harassment (GBR)
5.9.19. Professional Personnel Non-School Employment (GBRG)
5.9.20. Absence From Duty (GBRI)
5.9.21. Arrangements for Substitutes (GBRJ)
5.9.22. Drug Free Workplace (GBRL)
5.9.23. Curriculum Development Planning (ICB)
5.9.24. Dyslexia (IEBA)
5.9.25. Student Achievement Improvement Act of 1999 (IH)
5.9.26. Grading System (IHA)
5.9.27. CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act (IJB)
5.9.28. Student Conduct (JCA)
5.9.29. Student Discipline (JD)
5.9.30. Communicable Diseases (JGCC)
5.9.31. Drop-Out Prevention (JQH)
5.9.32. Media Access to School Campuses, Staff and Students (KBB)
5.9.33. Broadcasting and Taping of Board Members (KF)
5.9.34. Education Agency Relations (MA)
5.10. Approval of Agreement between Educational Leadership Solutions, Inc. and Hollandale School District -(Sanders Elementary and Simmons Junior-Senior High School)
5.11. Approval of Fundraiser
5.12. Approval of agreement/proposal between NutriKids and Hollandale School District (Food Service)
5.13. Approval of Facility Use (Hollandale Shirt Tail League)
5.14. Approval of request to solicit funds from students/staff form
5.15. Approval of Service Agreement between VAL ED Leadership Assessment and Hollandale School District
5.16. Approval of request of change in district calendar
5.17. Approval of revised 2012-2013 district calendar
5.18. Approval of Master Installment-Purchase Agreement between Mercedes-Benz Financial Services & Hollandale School District
5.19. Approval of Consultant
6. Informational
6.1. Student, Parent & Teacher of the Month
7. Financial:
7.1. Approval of Claim Dockets 135073  to 135486 and Activity Funds
7.2. Approval of Financial Statements for the Month of November
7.3. Approval of Transfer of Funds
8. Superintendent/Program Director's Report (28 Minutes):
8.1. Disciplinary Report
8.2. Attendance Report
8.3. Quarterly Report
9. Superintendent's Evaluation
10. Hearing Request
11. Bennie Richard (Timber Sale, Annie Hoskins & Grant Dowdy)
12. Adjournment
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