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July 16, 2012 at 5:30 PM - Regular

Public Notice
1. Call to Order and Invocation:
2. Adoption of Agenda:
3. Approval of Minutes of June 11 and June 28 , 2012
4. Consent Agenda:
4.1. Approval of Resignation of Staff
4.2. Approval of Tentative Receivables and Loans
4.3. Approval of Recommendation of Staff
4.4. Approval of Compensated Absences
4.5. Approval of Collaborative Agreement between Hollandale School District and Millcreek of Pontotoc Schools for year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 
4.6. Approval of Staff Resolution for Mrs. Cleo Short
4.7. Approval of Special Request from The Mississippi Association of Supervisors Resolution
4.8. Approval to apply for one year certification
4.9. Approval of Abstinence Only-Sex Education Policy
4.10. Approval of Advance Travel
4.11. Approval to Delete Items from Fixed Assets
4.12. Approval to advertise for bids for district supplies, district services, athletic equipment & supplies, school day pictures and gas/diesel 
4.13. Approval to pay SIG (School Improvement Grant) Academic Incentives - Sanders Elementary School and Simmons Junior/Senior High School
4.14. Approval of SIG (School Improvement Grant) Relocation Signing Bonus
4.15. Approval to use Cambridge Education Group for professional development
4.16. Approval of School Improvement Budget (Year 2)
4.17. Approval to accept depository bid
4.18. Approval to pay stipend & travel for new teachers and mentor teachers "New Teacher Induction Program" training
4.19. Approval to pay stipends for RTI/TST training participants
4.20. Approval of Curriculum Planning Session for new teachers
4.21. Approval to make Attorney General's Opinion on Facility Use apart of the minutes on July 16, 2012
4.22. Approval of Fundraiser (Cheer Camp)
5. Discussion/Approval (20 Minutes)
5.1. Approval of Timber Sale Bids (16-16-7)
5.2. Discussion & approval of bus bids
5.3. Discussion & Approval of Camera Bids
6. Financial:
6.1. Approval of Claim Dockets 133071  to   133288 and Activity Funds
6.2. Approval of Financial Statements for the Month of July
6.3. Approval of Transfer of Funds
7. Superintendent/Program Director's Report (28 Minutes):
7.1. HSD Goals Summary Report
7.2. Youthbuild Program Monthly Report - Willie Burnside
7.3. August Board Meeting (Multipurpose Bldg.)
7.4. Work Session (July 28, 2012)
8. Personnel Matter (Willie Burnside)
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