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February 13, 2012 at 5:30 PM - Regular

Public Notice
1. Call to Order and Invocation:
2. Adoption of Agenda:
3. Swearing of Board officer:
4. Approval of Minutes of January 9, 2012 and January 23, 2012
5. Approval of Phase I - Fixed Asset Assessment by Day Certified Public Accountant
6. Marion Tyler to Address the Board
7. Consent Agenda:
7.1. Approval of Resignation of Staff
7.2. Approval of Recommendation of Staff
7.3. Approval of Attendance Incentives
7.4. Approval of Superintendent Contract (James Johnson-Waldington) 
7.5. Approval of 2012 Summer Program Teach for America Memorandum of Understanding
7.6. Approval of Advance Travel
7.7. Approval of Rural & Low-Income Program Application FY2012
7.8. Approval of State Reimbursment Rates
7.9. Approval of Revised Mileage Reimbursement Rate
7.10. Approval of relinquish partnership between Hollandale School District & Our House Inc. 
7.11. Approval of Interlocal Agreement for Transportation for 2012-2013 school year between Western Line School District, Leland School District & Hollandale School District
7.12. Approval of Redistricting Lines for Hollandale School District Board of Trustees
7.13. Approval of amended Expense Reimbursements Policy (Policy DJD) 
7.14. Approval to Delete Items from Fixed Assets
7.15. Approval to Delete Items from Fixed Assets in Day's findings-See Printed Attachment
7.16. Approval of Revised Dropout Prevention Plan
7.17. Approval of Substitute Teachers
7.18. Approval of Monthly Fee for Utility Usage for CDI Administrative Building
7.19. Approval of revised Academic Incentive Plan
8. Informational (20 Minutes):
8.1. Student, Teacher & Parent of the Month
9. Discussion/Approval (15 Minutes): 
9.1. Discussion & Approval of  request of the purchase of Chambers Middle School building by the Town of Arcola 
9.2. Discussion & Approval of Board Walk through of schools
10. Financial:
10.1. Approval of Claim Dockets 130590 to 131056 and Activity Funds
10.2. Approval of Financial Statements for the Month of January
10.3. Approval of Transfer of Funds
11. Superintendent/Program Director's Report (28 Minutes):
11.1. Extra Food Sales
11.2. Update on Attendance Report
11.3. Disciplinary Report (Simmons Junior/Senior High School)
11.4. Superintendent's Goals Report
11.5. Proposed Abstinence Policy
11.6. Youthbuild Program - Mr. Willie Burnside
12. Disciplinary Matter
13.  Personnel Matter (James Johnson-Waldington, Sarah Bailey & Dinah Slay) 
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