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August 9, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Regular Board Meeting

Public Notice
A. Call to Order
A.1. Pledge of Allegiance
A.2. Nome Public Schools Mission Statement
A.3. Roll Call
A.4. Approval of Agenda
B. Consent Agenda
(Routine matter considered for approval as one motion. Any item can be pulled for separate consideration).
B.1. Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting: June 14, 2022
B.2. Approval of June & July 2022 Disbursements
B.3. Approval of June & July 2022 Personnel Report
B.4. Approval of Staff Out of State Travel Request
C. Awards and Presentations
C.1. Introductions of Guests & Visitors
D. Opportunity for Public Comments on Agenda/Non-agenda Items
(3 minutes per speaker, 30 minutes aggregate)
E. Superintendent Report
F. Information & Reports
F.1. Director Report
F.2. Business Manager Report
G. Second Public Comment Opportunity
(Individuals are limited to three minutes each.)
H. Action Item
H.1. Approval of 1st Reading of Board Policies
H.1.a. BP 3000 Concepts and Roles
H.1.b. BP 3100 Budget
H.1.c. BP 3200 Revenue
H.1.d. BP 3260 Material Fees
H.1.e. BP 3270 Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies
H.1.f. BP 3280 Sale or Lease of School Facilities or Real Property
H.1.g. BP 3300 Expenditures/Expending Authority
H.1.h. BP 3315 Relations with Vendors
H.1.i. BP 3400 Management of District Assets/Accounts
H.1.j. BP 3440 Inventories
H.1.k. BP 3450 Money in School Buildings
H.1.l. BP 3470 Fund Balance Classification
H.1.m. BP 3510 Maintenance
H.1.n. BP 3514.1 Hazardous Substances and Pesticides
H.1.o. BP 3515 School Safety and Security
H.1.p. BP 3530 Risk Management
H.1.q. BP 3540 Transportation
H.1.r. BP 3541.1 School-Related Trips
H.1.s. BP 3541.5 Alternative Transportation Arrangements
H.1.t. BP 3542 Roles and Duties of Bus Drivers
H.2. Approval of 2nd Reading of Board Policies
H.2.a. BP 1312.1 Public Complaints Concerning School Personnel
H.2.b. BP 4119.12 Harassment
H.2.c. BP 4131 Certificated Staff Development
H.2.d. BP 4222 Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals
H.2.e. BP 5030 School Discipline and Safety
H.2.f. BP 5131.43 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
H.2.g. BP 5141.4 Child Abuse and Neglect
H.2.h. BP 5145.7 Sexual Harassment
H.2.i. BP 6142.1 Family Life/Sex Education
H.2.j. BP 6142.2 AIDS Instruction
H.2.k. BP 6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements
H.3. Approval Six Year Capital Improvement Plan
I. Board and Superintendent’s Comments & Committee Reports
J. Upcoming Events:
• Tuesday, August 23, Work Session, 5:30 pm, NES Library
• Tuesday, September 13, Regular Meeting, 5:30 pm, NES Library/Zoom
• Tuesday, October 11, Regular Meeting, 5:30 pm, NES Library/Zoom
• Tuesday, October 25, Work Session, 5:30 pm, NES Library
K. Adjournment

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