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November 10, 2021 at 6:45 PM - Regular Meeting

Public Notice
I. Call to Order & Roll Call - President Lundeen
II. Levy Hearing 
III. Opportunity for Community Input
IV. Close Levy Hearing and Return to Regular Session
V. Call to Order, Roll Call & Pledge of Allegiance - President Lundeen 
VI. Welcome to Visitors - President Lundeen
VII. Communications - Secretary Amayun 
VIII. Additional Agenda Items
IX. Superintendent’s Reports – Mr. Benes
IX.A. Superintendent Reports – Mr. Benes
IX.A.1. Monthly Enrollment - Mr. Benes
IX.A.2. Curriculum Report - Dr. Weeks
X. Board Reports
X.A. NDSEC – Member O'Neill 
X.B. Finance Committee – Members Patel 
X.C. Policy Committee – Member Patel & Member Shannon
X.D. Intergovernmental Committee Meeting
X.E. Friends of Nature Center – Secretary Amayun  
X.F. Community Advisory Team - Mr. Benes & Secretary Amayun 
X.G. Transportation Committee - Secretary Amayun & Member O'Neill 
X.H. Capital & Operations - President Lundeen & Vice President Adreani
X.I. Staff Recognition Committee - Mr. Benes 
X.J. Key Performance Indicators Committee - Vice President Adreani
X.K. Finance, Buildings & Grounds, and Technology – Mr. Weintraub
X.L. School Reports:  Benson, Franzen & Peacock
XI. Discussions / Presentations
XI.A. Mayor Pruyn - Village of Itasca Updates 
XI.B. Health, Safety and Screening Update - Mr. Benes
XI.C. Itasca Road Construction & Bus Transportation - Mr. Benes & Mr. Catalano
XI.D. Levy - Mr. Weintraub
XI.E. Auditors Report - Mr. Weintraub & Mr. Shaw
XI.F. Talent Development Update - Dr. Weeks & Ms. Wit
XI.G. Music Grant - Dr. Weeks, Mr. Travis, Mrs. Berry & Mr. Loest
XI.H. Recognition of School Board Member's Day, November 15, 2021
XI.I. Freedom of Information - no requests were received
XI.J. Opportunity for Community Input.
XII. Action Items
XII.A. FY22-#12; Approval of the Consent Agenda - ROLL CALL VOTE 
XII.A.1. Minutes
XII.A.2. Expenditures
XII.A.3. Personnel
XII.A.3.a. Questions/comments from the Board of Education
XII.A.3.b. Opportunity for community input
XII.B. FY22-#13 - Approval To Transfer Funds from the Educational Fund to the Bond & Interest Fund - ROLL CALL VOTE 
XII.B.1. Questions/comments from the Board of Education.
XII.B.2. Opportunity for community input.
XII.C. FY22-#14 Approval of 2021 Tax Levy - ROLL CALL VOTE 
XII.C.1. Questions/comments from the Board of Education 
XII.C.2. Opportunity for community input.
XII.D. FY22-#15 Approval of Fiscal-Year 2021 Audited Financial Statements and Supplementary Financial Information - ROLL CALL VOTE 
XII.D.1. Questions/comments from the Board of Education 
XII.D.2. Opportunity for community input.
XII.E. FY22-#16 Approval of 2021-2022 Non-Union Staff Salaries - ROLL CALL VOTE 
XII.E.1. Questions/comments from the Board of Education 
XII.E.2. Opportunity for community input.
XII.F. FY22-#17 Approval of January Board of Education Meeting Date Change - ROLL CALL VOTE 
XII.F.1. Questions/comments from the Board of Education 
XII.F.2. Opportunity for community input.
XIII. Board Requested Reports 
XIV. Adjournment

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