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December 15, 2021 at 7:00 PM - 5:30 p.m. Board Work Session and 7:00 p.m. Regular Board Meeting

Public Notice
I. 5:30–6:30 p.m. Work Session: Superintendent Search Process
II. 7:00 p.m. Regular Board Meeting:
III. Call to Order, Roll Call, Flag Salute, Land Acknowledgement
IV. Agenda Review
V. Introduction of Guests and Superintendent’s Report
VI. Comments by Board Chair
VII. Items Raised by the Audience
VIII. Comments by Employee Groups
IX. Comments and Committee Reports by Individual Board Members
X. Consent Group - Items for Action
X.1. Approve Enrolling Out-of-District Students in 2022–23
Prepared by: Kerry Delf, Chief of Staff
X.2. Approve American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Educational Foundation Grant Matching Funds for Restorative Practices Program
Prepared by: Andrea Belz, Director of Financial Services
X.3. Approve Meeting Minutes: November 17, 2021 Board Meeting; December 1, 2021 Board Meeting
X.4. Approve Contract with Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter Schoool
Prepared by: Christine Nesbit, General Counsel
XI. Items for Information
XI.1. Discuss Including Student Voice in Future Board Meetings  (20 minutes)
Prepared by: Alicia Hays, Maya Rabasa 
XII. Items for Action
XII.1. Consider Revisions and Updates to Board Policies: (5 minutes)
Prepared by: Christine Nesbit, General Counsel
  1. GBNAB/JHFE Suspected Abuse of a Child Reporting Requirements
  2. JHFE/GBNAB Supected Abuse of a Child Reporting Requirements
  3. GBNAA/JHFF Suspected Sexual Conduct with Students and Reporting Requirements
  4. JHFF/GBNAA Suspected Sexual Conduct with Students and Reporting Requirements
  5. IGBHA Alternative Education Programs
  6. IGDJ Interscholastic Activities
XII.2. Approve Superintendent Search Plan and Timeline
Prepared by: Judy Newman
XII.3. Consider Resolution 2022-10 Authorizing Community Benefits Contracts (20 minutes) 
Prepared by: Carole Knapel, Capital Improvement Program Manager; Christine Nesbit, General Counsel; Ryan Spain, Director of Facilities 
XIII. Items for Action at a Future Meeting
XIII.1. Consider Renewal for the Public Charter School Contract with Twin River Charter School (10 minutes)
Prepared by: Casandra Kames, Curriculum Administrator & Eric Anderson, Director of Curriculum
XIII.2. Approve Superintendent Evaluation Process (5 minutes)
Prepared by: Judy Newman, Board Chair
XIII.3. Review Board Member Speaking Times and Purpose for Board Member Reports (20 minutes)
Prepared by: Judy Newman, Board Chair
XIII.4. Approve Board Working Agreements: (20 minutes)
Presenters: Judy Newman, Board Chair and Martina Shabram, Vice Chair
XIV. Suggestions by the Board for Consideration of Items at a Future Meeting
XIV.1. XIV.1. 2021–22 Board Meeting Dates:
JULY: Thursday, July 1, 2021 – Special Board Meeting
AUGUST: Wednesday, August 4 and Wednesday, August 18;
Board Retreat Dates: August 25 and August 28
SEPTEMBER: Wed., Sept. 1, Wed., Sept. 22 and Wed., Sept. 29
OCTOBER: Wed., Oct.6; Wed., Oct. 13; Wed., Oct. 20; Wed., Oct 27
NOVEMBER: Wed, Nov. 3, Tuesday, Nov. 16,  and Wed, Nov. 17; Tuesday, Nov. 23
DECEMBER: Wed. Dec. 1; Wed, Dec. 8; Wednesday, December 15
JANUARY 2022: Wednesday, January 12, 2022; Board Retreat date TBD 
FEBRUARY: Wednesday, February 2 and Wednesday, February 16
MARCH: Wednesday, March 2 and Wednesday, March 16
APRIL: Wednesday, April 20
MAY: Wednesday, May 4 and Wednesday, May 18
JUNE: Wednesday, June 1 and Wednesday, June 22
XV. Adjourn

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