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August 12, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular

I. Open the Meeting
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Establish Quorum
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Opening Prayer
I.E. Public Forum
II. Reports
II.A. Principal's Reports
II.A.1. Curriculum Guide
II.A.2. Employee Handbook 
II.A.3. Campus Updates
II.B. Athletic Director's Report
II.B.1. Athletic Handbook
II.C. Business Manager Report
III. Consent Agenda
III.A. Approval of Board Minutes of the Regular Meeting.
III.B. Consider Payment of Monthly Bills
III.C. Consider Approval of District Finanical Statement
III.D. Consider Approval of the Student Code of Conduct
IV. Action Items
IV.A. Consider Approval of Appraisal Calendar for 2021-22
IV.B. Consider Approval of 2021-22  T-TESS Evaluators
IV.C. Consider and Possible Action of the Proposed 2021 Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Tax Rate and the Interest and Sinking (Bonded Indebtedness) Tax Rate
IV.D. Consider and Possible Action on Adult Meal Prices for the 2021-22 School Year
V. Executive/Closed Session Items
V.A. NZISD District Safety Team
VI. Return to Open Session
VII. Take Action on Executive Session Items
VIII. Adjourn

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