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February 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order
Description:  The regular Board Meeting will be called to order at 7:00 PM on Tuesday (due to holiday), February 18, 2020 at 7:00 pm in the Goldendale Primary School Library, Goldendale WA.
Discussion:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm
B. Flag Salute
C. Student Presentation
Discussion:  Mrs. Baxter's fourth grade students Rian Blain, Alias Butterfly, Hayden Sheridan and Maximus Siglin spoke about what they were learning in school. They liked changing classes, writing, reading SRA and learning cursive writing. They are learning to be more descriptive. They are also learning about the way of life of a local tribe. They invited anyone who was interested to stop by the primary school in March to see the villages they are creating.
D. Introduction of Visitors-Public Comments
Description:  It is the Board's goal for a public comment period to hear persons interested in sharing views about any agenda item.  Please sign in with the Board secretary to register to speak.  Due to legal repercussions, persons sharing negative views may not name individual students, district employees or volunteers.  Thank you for attending tonight and please turn off your cell phones.
Discussion:  No comments or discussion.
E. Approval of Agenda 
Discussion:  Ms. Schroder moved to approve the Agenda and Ms. Heart seconded.  Motion carried.
E.1. Agenda - Additions and/or Deletions
F. Consent Agenda
Discussion:  In regard to Item 5.c. Elaine Herin rescinded her retirement from Primary School Special Education Paraeducator.  Ms. Schroder moved to approve the Consent Agenda with changes.  Ms. Richards seconded. Motion carried.
F.1. Minutes
F.1.a. January 21, 2020 Minutes
F.1.b. February 13, 2020 Worksession Minutes
F.2. Out of State Field Trips
F.2.a. The Dalles Middle School- Mr. Schneider and Band March 3, 2020 from 11:00 am-6:00 pm. & March 2, 2020 from 7:30 am-8:30 pm.
F.2.b. Columbia Gorge Discovery Center-Lunch with STEM Professional, March 6, 2020 (Gear Up 9 Freshman)
F.2.c. FBLA State Conference in Spokane - Mrs. Bare April 8-11, 2020.
F.2.d. Senior Class Trip to Fun Center in Wilsonville, Oregon at 10:00 am-Mrs. Lee & Ms. Wahl on May 29, 2020.
F.3. Volunteer Coach for 2019-20 WIAA Compliance
F.3.a. Bill Kauffman-Baseball
F.3.b. Rob Rising -  HS Track
F.3.c. Cole Walters - HS Track
F.3.d. Michelle Watson - HS Track
F.4. Hiring
F.4.a. Denice Owen, MS Paraeducator (Read 180 program) includes recess & lunch duty
F.4.b. Nikki Hall, 2020-21 MS Assistant Volleyball Coach
F.5. Resignation
F.5.a. Candy McCredy, Assistant Gear Up Site Coordinator
F.5.b. Kriston Ferrell, PS Principal
F.5.c. Elaine Herin, PS Special Education Paraeducator
F.5.d. Liz Ihrig, PS Secretary
F.5.e. Kit Cochran, MS Building Maintenance
F.5.f. Tonni Cameron, PS 1st Grade Teacher
F.5.g. Matt Merfeld, HS/MS CTE Technology Teacher
F.6. Bills
Discussion:  General and ASB Fund Accounts Payable:
Payroll:  January 2020 was $825,404.87 (Warrant Nos. 106530 - 106542)
Payment of Bills:  February $144,565.96 (Warrant Nos. 106528-106529 & 106543-106628, VOID 106528)
February ASB Fund bills were $15,393.14 (Warrant Nos. 10684 - 10709)
G. Business Managers' Report
Discussion:  Mr. Schlenker, Business Manager provided the current financial report with account information as follows:
-General Fund: $1,131,721
-Capital Projects Fund $521,131
-Debt Service Fund $22,870
-ASB Fund $236,697
-Transportation Vehicle Fund $7,695
-Scholarship Funds:
  Knosher Non-Expendable ($30,000) $31,818
  Johnson Non-Expendable ($50,000) $53,093
G.1. Financial Report - Dean Schlenker
G.2. Enrollment Report
H. Information and Discussion
Discussion:  Mr. Hoffman received confirmation from Mr. Westerman and Ms. Hedges that Goldendale won the WIAA appeal and will be classified as 2B.
I. Comments / Reports
I.1. Principal Reports
Discussion:  Dr. Perconti presented Mr. Ferrell's report for the Primary School because he was absent.
Ms. Tenney presented the Middle School report.
Mr. Westerman presented the High School report.

Elli Rising, Senior Student Representative spoke about how each week staff nominate student(s) for a characteristic that represents the Wolfpack. Then there is a drawing from the students that were nominated and one student receives a prize and a certificate for their Navigation Binder. She also let everyone know that there is a Winter Dance on Feb. 29th that is being put on by the Sophomore class.

Emily Vanderbogart, Junior Student Representative spoke about the FBLA conference they attended in Pasco.  They had 11 participants, 8 of the 11 placed and Emily received 1st place in digital Communications. The Leadership Class is putting on a fundraiser "Walk for Water" to help others.
I.2. Board Comments
Discussion:  Ms. Schroeder is excited for all activities and the upcoming drama performance. She feels that there are lots of offerings and students gain skills by having a variety of experiences available to them. Ms. Heart expressed her thanks to the staff and students in regards to the importance of education and she is appreciative that the levy passed.  Mr. Hoctor also thanked community and those staff who worked with students to help pass the Levy.  He appreciates all of the good news and positivity.  Ms. Richards also appreciated the Levy passing. She had her first experience with the Legislature at the Day on the Hill event in Olympia. She got her picture taken, and felt that it was a good experience since she had never been in the Capitol.  Mr. Hoffman was appreciative of community and their support.  He thought that seven wrestling teams competing at the middle school "ribbon meet" was very successful. The Community using school district facilities is a good thing. Dean thanked Mr. Randall for fixing the broken water pipe at the primary school and saving the district money.

Legislative Conference - Ms. Heart appreciated Ms. Richards attending with her. She encouraged the community to communicate with Legislative Representatives regarding Comprehensive House Bill 2184.  She feels that there are lots of curriculum costs associated with any new curriculum.  She asked that anyone with questions, contact her, her phone number is in the phone book.

WIAA Report - Mr. Hoffman glad that the appeal process complete and Goldendale will be in 2B League next school year with Cle Elum, Granger, White Swan, Highland and Kittitas.
J. Report of the Superintendent
J.1. Educational Programs and Operations Levy Preliminary Results
K. Action Items
K.1. 2020-2021 District Calendar Adoption
Discussion:  Dr. Perconti presented the 2020-2021 calendar to be approved by the board with school start day as the Wednesday before Labor Day.  Ms. Heart moved to adopt the 2020-2021 Calendar and Ms. Schroder seconded. Motion carried.
K.2. Review Evaluation and Set Goals for Superintendent
Discussion:  Mr. Hoffman moved to take action on goals that Dr. Perconti set in the Evaluation. Ms. Richards seconded. Motion passed.
L. Superintendent Summary
Discussion:  Dr. Perconti said that the Levy passed at 57.67%. Stephen McCandless has done work to move information from the old webpage to the new webpage, which will be live this week. He is also reopening the District Facebook page and a Twitter page. There is a spot to translate language to Spanish.
M. Next Meeting Dates
M.1. March 2, 2020 Worksession at 6:30 pm at district office
M.2. March 23, 2020 Regular Board Meeting at 7:00 pm (changed from March 16, 2020)
N. Adjournment
Discussion:  Ms. Richards moved to adjourn at 7:57 p.m. Ms. Schroder seconded. Motion carried.

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