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November 18, 2020 at 1:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Approval of Minutes
1.A. September 16, 2020
2. Approval of Financial Statement
2.A. Financial Statements
3. Open Forum
4. Reports to the Board
4.A. SHARS Revalidations
Description:  All District documents have been submitted to TSBS.  They are working on finalizing the revalidations.
4.B. Building Renovations
Description:  Renovations are scheduled to be complete by December.
5. Discussion
5.A. Results Driven Accountability (RDA)
Description:  Districts must specify a DCSI in ASCEND by December 1st.  Districts with Determination Levesl of 2 or higher will submit their Strategic Support Plan (SSP) in ASCEND by December 18th.
5.B. TEA Monitoring
Description:  Districts will need to complete a Self-Assessment in ASCEND.  Date still to be determined.
5.C. CTE Teachers at ARDs
Description:  CTE Teacher needs to have knowledge of subject, but does not need to be certified.  Teacher may teach under the school counselor's certificaion.  
5.D. COVID Updates
Description:  Some districts are asking the unsuccessful virtual learners to return to in-person learning on the campus.  Mr.Mcullough stated that districts can not close for more than 5 days at a a time or there would be no funding unless you make those days up in June.  
5.E. Supplemental Special Ed Services
Description:  This program is between parents and TEA.  School districts are not involved, however, TCASE feels like the distrricts need to be more involved.
5.F. Texas Behavioral Support Initiative (TBSI)
Description:  Our CPI trainers will be sending a link to teachers to attend a 45 minute TBSI training. 
6. Executive Session
7. Adjourn
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