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February 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Approval of Minutes
2. Approval of Financial Statements        
3. Open Forum
4. Reports to the Board-Director of Special Education
4.A. Child Find
5. Discussion
5.A. School Calendar Changes
Description:  Please remember to send a copy of your 20-21 school calendar to Vanessa Arriaga as soon as it is approved by your board
5.B. Board Resolutions
Description:  Still need board resolution for Corsicana.  Abbott, Aquilla, Bynum, Covington, Gholson, Hubbard, Itasca, and Whitney's have been received.
5.C. Strategic Support Plan
Description:  All districts will complete.  Does not have to be turned in to TEA unless you have a rating of 2 on your RDA report.  Let the Director know if you would like for her to come out and work on the SSP with your district.
5.D. TEA Monitoring
Description:  Accelerated Plans of Instruction are being looked at for all grade levels.  Having a CTE representative at all annual ARDs starting at age 13 is also being closely monitored.
5.E. Behavior Unit
Description:  Under construction. Hoping to have mats installed soon.
5.F. PPCD/Life Skills Classes 2020-2021
Description:  Discuss Cluster versus District only PPCD/Life Skills classes
5.G. Next Year Budgets
Description:  Holli is currently working on getting an "as accurate as possible" budget amount for 2020-2021 so those of you with June 30th budget approvals will have a good number to give your school boards.  Our goal is to have those numbers at our April meeting. 
Description:  The SSA will us Corsicana RDSPD for all services in 2020-2021.  Regional Day School Itinerant services.
5.I. HCSSA Evaluations
Description:  Evaluations for the SSA staff were sent to your principals last week.
5.J. District Self Assessments
Description:  Will open in May- due by October 2020.  We can dates to meet over the summer or shortly after school starts to get this completed.
5.K. Reading Academies
Description:  If your special education teachers will need to teach a general education class at any time, they need to be included in the Reading Academies and pass the same test as the general education teachers.
5.L. SPPI 14
Description:  This year, SPP 14 information is submitted through TSDS.  I've attached handouts.
5.M. Notice to Families
Description:  The TAA letter was sent February 13.  Each district must make it available to all families in the district.  It can be uploaded to our website, emailed or sent by regular mail.  it has to be personalized with a staff member to contact.
5.N. HCSSA Website
Description:  Please add the link to our website to your website.
6. Action
6.A. Contract Renewals
Description:  Please see attached sheet of recommendation for contract renewals.

Recommendation:  After review and discussion the HCSSA management board is advised to extend the contracts of all recommended employees.
6.B. HCSSA Agreement
Description:  Accept and sign new HCSSA Agreement

Recommendation:  After review and discussion, the HCSSA Management Board is advised to approve the new, revised HCSSA agreement as presented.
7. Executive Session
8. Announcements
  • March 25- Luncheon only
  • The next Board meeting will be April 15, 2020.
9. Adjourn
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