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January 11, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Kaleva Norman Dickson School District

1. Call To Order - Marlen Cordes, Superintendent
2. Organizational Meeting
2.A. Election of Officers
2.B. Set Board Meeting Dates
2.C. Committee Members
3. Routine Business
3.A. Adoption of Agenda
3.A.1. Consent Calendar Items - B, C, & D
3.B. Treasurer's Report
3.C. Minutes
4. Items from the Audience
Description:  This portion of the meeting is for persons who wish to address the Board of Education. Please remember that your question or request may require further study by the Board or it may be subject to a local, state, or federal statute that will not make it possible to give you an answer or take action on your request at this meeting. However, the Board will endeavor to respond in a reasonable length of time.
5. Correspondence/Communication
5.A. Eric Schmidt
5.B. Kelli Morrison
6. Board Reports
6.A. Principal's Report
6.B. Michigan Leadership Institute Presentation - Charlie Andrews
7. Superintendent's Report
7.A. Personnel
7.B. Extended COVID-19 Plan Update and Reconfirmation
7.C. Board of Education Member Appointment
7.D. MCSMC Member Appointment
8. Action Items
9. Board Requests
10. Announcements
10.A. Next Board Meeting - February 8, 2021
11. Adjournment
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