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September 28, 2021 at 2:30 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Determination of Quorum and Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Reading of the Minutes
III.A. August 17, 2021 Board of Trustee Public Budget Hearing Minutes
III.B. August 17, 2021 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
IV. Citizens' Comments (approved by board on 5-20-99)
Description:      This is an open forum for those persons who wish to make presentations to the board and who have signed up to do so under  board policy. Presentations are limited to five minutes each with a total of twenty minutes for all presentations.
    During the Citizens’ Comments section of the agenda, any citizen/taxpayer (that is, any member of the public, including college employees) may request to address the board in open meeting. If, however, the topic of the presentation to the board falls within one of the other policies of the college, such as the employee complaint or grievance policy or student complaint policy, the person must first go through the proper administrative channels. In such cases, the right to address the board is guaranteed after the administrative channels have been exhausted.
    If any speaker’s presentation contains complaints or concerns about an individual employee or
officer of the district, that presentation will be conducted in executive session with the board members unless the employee or officer about whom the comments are made requests that the comments be made publicly.
    These presentations are made for information purposes only. The board is required to listen to the presentations but not to discuss or act on the items presented. If the board feels the matter warrants further attention, it can be placed on the agenda for a subsequent meeting.
V. Special Items
VI. Presentations, Awards, and/or President's Report
VI.A. Retirement Resolution for Mrs. Brenda Bode
VI.B. Retirement Resolution for Dana Bramble
VI.C. Retirement Resolution for Pamela Speights
VII. Student Success
VIII. Reports to the Board
VIII.A. Financial Reports
VIII.A.1. August 2021 Financial Reports
VIII.B. Management Reports
VIII.B.1. Technology Report
VIII.B.2. Financial Aid Report
VIII.B.3. Testing Report
VIII.C. Reports from College Governance Councils
VIII.C.1. Faculty Association Minutes from August 27, 2021

By consent of the board of trustees, the following items may be acted on in a single motion "to approve the consent agenda as presented."  If, however, any trustee wishes to discuss a particular item or for any reason wishes to act on any given item separately, he or she may simply notify the board chair to remove that item or items from the consent agenda, and that item will be removed and acted on separately.  A trustee may remove an item from the consent agenda for any reason, and he or she is not required to justify the removal or explain the reason for the removal.

X. Matters Relating to General Administration
X.A. Approve to upgrade the HR technician to HR administrative assistant ($3,500.00 - accommodated by the current HR budget)
XI. Matters Relating to Academic Affairs
XI.A. Approve Senior Citizen Title III Contract 
XI.B. Approve federal funding for TRiO Student Support Services Program Grant (grant award $261,018.00)
XI.C. Approve the state & federal funding for Adult Education and Literacy Program (grant award is $815,000.00)
XI.D. Approve Skills Development Fund (SDF) Shell Grant ($50,000.00)
XI.E. Approve Title V Hispanic Serving Institution grant position of student success assistant, effective immediately ($29,725.00 - 32,975.00, Title V HSI grant funded)
XI.F. Approve Continuing Education Department tuition and fee proposal for FY22
XI.G. Information Item:
XI.G.1. Chief Executive Officer Reporting Requirements under Tex. Educ. Code 51.253(c)
XI.G.2. Department of Education Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions Grant, Career and Transfer Center ($600,000.00 - in year 2 - grant funds deposited for expenditure from the current restricted fund)
XII. Matters Relating to Administrative Services
XII.A. Approval to request to set ad valorem tax rate for the Wharton County Junior College District for the 2021 tax year (current operating revenue $7,640,782.00)
XII.B. Approval for work-study hourly wage increase
XIII. Matters Relating to Technology
XIII.A. Approve RockIT Consulting LLC to provide network upgrades based on best practices that will promote network health, security, and longevity ($748,652.00 - ARP funding)
XIV. Matters Relating to Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
XIV.A. Approve the implementation of a Vaccination Incentive Program for WCJC students and employees using American Rescue Plan funds ($115,000.00 - American Rescue Plan institutional funds)
XIV.B. Approve the Board Evaluation process and survey instrument for AY2022
XV. Matters Relating to Personnel
XV.A. Board of Trustees
XV.B. Office of President
XV.C. Office of Academic Affairs
XV.C.1. Alexis Brooks employed as regular, full-time academic advisor, A-5-10, effective September 7, 2021
XV.C.2. Madeline Walton Buchanan, extended as temporary, full-time Title V HSI Engagement and Communication Advisor, A-05-6, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.3. Jessica Falcon extended as temporary, full-time TRiO SSS Director, CA-04-11, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.4. Lilly D. Garcia extended as temporary, full-time Title V Hispanic Serving Institutions Project Director, CA-4-10, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.5. Shayna Guerra extended as temporary, full-time TRiO SSS Advisor/Counselor, GNT-01-09, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.6. Kelly Novikoff extended as temporary, full-time Title V Hispanic Serving Institutions Experiential Learning Specialist, A-05-10, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.7. Rose Ochoa extended as temporary, full-time coordinator of vocational support services, GNT-1-5, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.8. Armando Palomino McClure employed as regular, full-time college recruiter, AA-1-2, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.9. Robert J. Sanchez extended as temporary, full-time Title V HSI Career Development and Transfer Coordinator, GNT-7-5, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.10. Taraneh Zekavat extended as temporary, full-time director of adult education & literacy, CA-8-13, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.11. David Faul received a salary adjustment for completion of 12 graduate hours as regular, full-time instructor of mathematics, FAC-1-10, to regular, full-time instructor of mathematics, FAC-2-10, effective August 23, 2021
XV.C.12. Patricia Ann Guillory employed as temporary, full-time developmental math instructor, FAC-1-10, effective August 23, 2021
XV.C.13. Latasha Herndon changed from part-time to temporary, full-time instructor of chemistry, FAC-7-5, August 23, 2021 
XV.C.14. Tom-Kody Krpec received a salary adjustment for completion of 27 graduate hours as regular, full-time instructor of developmental English, FAC-1-2, to regular, full-time instructor of developmental English, FAC-3-2, effective August 23, 2021
XV.C.15. Marissa Saenz received a salary adjustment for completion of 12 graduate hours as regular, full-time director of Library information and technical services, FAC-1A-33, to regular, full-time director of Library information and technical services, FAC-2A-33, effective August 23, 2021
XV.C.16. Dolly Staude extended as temporary, full-time instructor of Cosmetology, FAC-1-4, effective September 1, 2021
XV.C.17. Rylee M. Taylor employed as temporary, full-time instructor of mathematics, FAC-1-0, effective August 23, 2021
XV.C.18. fall 2021 overloads
XV.C.19. fall 2021 department head compensation
XV.D. Office of Administrative Services
XV.E. Office of Student Services
XV.F. Office of Technology
XV.F.1. Robby Mathews received a change in title/assignment as regular, full-time director of cybersecurity, CA-15-23, to regular, full-time director of technical services, CA-15-23, effective September 1, 2021
XV.G. Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
XVII. Paid Professional Assignments
XVII.A. Information Item:
XVII.A.1. Paid Professional Assignment for Jesi Ramirez, assistant college readiness math department & COWs, fall 2021 - $2,800.00
XVII.A.2. Paid Professional Assignment for Lauren Herrmann, COWs maintenance, fall 2021 - $700.00
XVII.A.3. Paid Professional Assignment for Ricky Schooler, workshop for STEM educators, 8/1/21 - 8/28/21 - $2,100.00
XVII.A.4. Paid Professional Assignment for Willie Myles, workshop for STEM educators, 8/1/21 - 8/28/21 - $2,100.00
XVII.A.5. Paid Professional Assignment for Gerald Kinder, workshop for STEM educators, 8/1/21 to 8/28/21 - $2,100.00
XVII.A.6. Paid Professional Assignment for Dan Johnson, workshop for STEM educators, 8/1/21 to 8/28/21 - $2,100.00
XVII.A.7. Paid Professional Assignment for Dr. Wendy Waters, assistant department head-A&P coordinator, fall 2021 - spring 2022 - $4,200.00
XVII.A.8. Paid Professional Assignment for Jennifer Jeffery, assistant department head-general biology coordinator, fall 2021 - spring 2022 - $4,200.00
XVII.A.9. Paid Professional Assignment for Kim Raun, microbiology lab coordinator, fall 2021 - spring 2022 - $2,400.00
XVII.A.10. Paid Professional Assignment for Sean Amestoy, agriculture coordinator, fall 2021 - spring 2022 - $2,400.00
XVIII. Executive Session:  According to the Texas Government Code (Chapter 551, Open meetings), the Board may conduct a closed executive session for the following reasons:  Consultation with attorney (551.071), deliberation regarding real property (551.072), deliberation regarding prospective gift (551.073), personnel matters (551.074), deliberation regarding security devices, or a security audit (661.076), deliberation regarding economic development negotiations (551.086).
XIX. Consideration and possible action on items discussed in closed session
XX. Discuss Matters Relating to Formal Policy
XXI. Other Business
XXII. Adjourn

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