December 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Board of Directors Meeting

I. Call To Order
II. Approval of the Consent Calendar    (Action)
II.A. Minutes -11/19/20
III. Executive Team Report   (Information)
III.A. CEO Report
IV. Reports
IV.A. Board Reports
IV.A.1. President Report  (Information)
IV.A.2. Compliance and Quality Committee (Information)
IV.A.3. *Finance Committee   (Information)
IV.A.4. Audit Committee (Action)
IV.A.4.a. Approval of 2019 Audit
V. Unfinished Business   (Information)
VI. New Business (Information)
VII. Items from the Board    (Information)
VIII. Dates for Future Meetings    (Information)
VIII.A. Finance Committee
VIII.B. Compliance and Quality Committee
VIII.C. Board of Directors
IX. Announcements    (Info)
X. Adjourn
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