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October 20, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. President's Welcome 
V. Vice-President's Recitation of District Mission, Vision, Values and Priorities
VI. Board Recitation of District Belief Statements
VII. Vice-President's Overview of Good Governance Indicators and Board Member Ethics
VIII. Recognition Items
VIII.A. Recognition of SCUC ISD Principals and Assistant Principals in Honor of National Principals Month - October 2020
Presenter:  Dr. Damon Edwards
VIII.B. Recognition of the SCUC ISD Custodians in Honor of National Custodian Appreciation Day - October 2, 2020
Presenter:  JD Mosley
VIII.C. Recognition of SCUC ISD Human Resources Department in Honor of Texas Education Human Resources Day - October 14, 2020
Presenter:  Linda Cannon
VIII.D. Recognition - National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month - October 2020
Presenter:  Kelly Kovacs
VIII.E. Recognition of the SCUC ISD Teachers in Honor of World Teacher's Day - October 5, 2020
Presenter:  Kelly Kovacs
VIII.F. Recognition of the SCUC ISD Child Nutrition Staff in Honor of National School Lunch Week - October 12-16, 2020
Presenter:  Wayne Pruski
VIII.G. Recognition of the SCUC ISD Transportation Department in Honor of School Bus Safety Week - October 19-23, 2020
Presenter:  Wayne Pruski
IX. Public Comments
Description:  Note:  Individuals wishing to participate in this portion of the meeting shall sign up with the designated individual before the meeting is called to order and shall indicate the topic about which they wish to speak. [Ref. Board Policy BED(LOCAL)]
IX.A. Public Comments on General Topics
Description:  Public comments regarding subjects not listed as an agenda item for this meeting.
IX.B. Public Comments on Posted Agenda Items
Description:  Public comments regarding a specific agenda item or items listed on the posted notice for this meeting.
X. Superintendent's Update
Presenter:  Dr. Clark Ealy
X.A. Second Nine Weeks Enrollment and Participation by Program
Presenter:  Dr. Clark Ealy
X.B. Update on Covid-19
Presenter:  Dr. Clark Ealy
X.C. Upcoming Events
Presenter:  Dr. Clark Ealy
X.D. Timeline for Board Goal Development
Presenter:  Dr. Damon Edwards
XI. Correspondence
XII. Report on Board Advocacy
Presenter:  Amy Driesbach
Description:  Trustee Visibility and Commitment within the District, the Community and with Other Governmental Entities
XIII. New Business
XIII.A. Report/Discussion Items
XIII.A.1. Report - Board Members Annual Training Report
Presenter:  Amy Driesbach
XIII.A.2. Discussion - Debrief TASA/TASB Convention TxEDCONN20
Presenter:  Amy Driesbach
XIII.A.3. Discussion - Bilingual and English as a Second Language Program Evaluation
Presenter:  Serena Georges-Penny
XIII.A.4. Procurement of Goods and Services
Presenter:  Matt Rivera
XIII.A.4.a. RFP 19-007S - Software Applications
Presenter:  Matt Rivera
XIII.A.4.b. RFP 21-002V - Professional Development Services
Presenter:  Matt Rivera and Kelly Kovacs
XIII.A.4.c. RFP 21-003V - Group Health Insurance Carrier
Presenter:  Matt Rivera and Linda Cannon
XIII.A.5. Discussion - Board Consideration and Consensus on Discussion Items Eligible for Action under Consent Agenda
Presenter:  Amy Driesbach
XIII.B. Action Items
XIII.B.1. Consent Items
XIII.B.1.a. Approval of Minutes
Presenter:  Dr. Clark Ealy
XIII.B.1.b. Approval of Financial Statements
Presenter:  Wayne Pruski
XIII.B.1.c. Acceptance of Superintendent's Report on Budgeted Purchases of Goods/Services in Excess of $50,000
Presenter:  Matt Rivera
XIII.C. Other Action Items
XIII.C.1. Request for Board Approval - 2020-2021 District Improvement Plan and Campus Improvement Plans
Presenter:  Dr. Damon Edwards
XIII.C.2. Public Hearing - Presentation and Public Hearing on the Targeted Improvement Plans for 2020-2021
Presenter:  Veronica Goldhorn
XIII.C.2.a. Public Comments on the Targeted Improvement Plans for 2020-2021
Presenter:  Veronica Goldhorn
XIII.C.2.b. Request for Board Approval - Targeted Improvement Plans for 2020-2021
Presenter:  Veronica Goldhorn
XIII.C.3. Request for Board Approval - Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Policy Manual Update 115, Affecting (LOCAL) Policies and Policy BED (LOCAL) Board Meetings Public Participation
Presenter:  Dr. Damon Edwards
XIII.C.4. Request for Board Approval - Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Committee Membership for SY 2020-2021
Presenter:  Ernie Reynolds
XIII.C.5. Request for Board Approval - Access Control Upgrade Project - Phase IV, RFCSP No. 20-041C
Presenter:  JD Mosley and Matt Rivera
XIV. Closed Session
Description:  This portion of the meeting may be closed to all but essential personnel as deemed necessary by the Board (Ref. Texas Government Code, Section 551.074 and 551.072).
XIV.A. Discussion Pertaining to Personnel Matters, per Texas Gov't Code: 551.074 - Personnel Matters - deliberation on the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee or to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee.
XIV.A.1. Discussion Regarding Employment of Contractual Personnel
XIV.B. Consultation with Attorney, per Texas Gov't Code: 551.071 - Private Consultation with its Attorney - Authorizes a governmental body to consult with its attorney in an executive session to seek his or her advice on legal matters - pending or contemplated litigation.
XV. Open Session
Description:  The Board will reconvene from closed session for action relative to items considered during closed session.  The Board may consider and take action on any of the following item(s):
XV.A. Request for Board Action - Employment of Contractual Personnel
Presenter:  Linda Cannon
XVI. Board Items for Review and Discussion
XVI.A. Review of Board Agenda Planning Calendar and Requests for Future Discussion/Action Items
XVII. Adjourn
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