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October 12, 2020 at 6:30 PM - School Board Meeting

1. CALL TO ORDER     6:30 PM
Speaker(s):  Board Chair Scott Cooper
1.A. Flag Salute
1.B. Roll Call to Establish a Quorum
Discussion:  All Board members present for Quorum to be established. 
1.C. Recognition of Visitors
1.D. Agenda Additions, Deletions or Revisions & Agenda Approval *ACTION*
Discussion:  Doug Smith moved and Patti Norris seconded to approve the agenda as presented. 5-0 In Favor: Scott Cooper, Doug Smith, Patti Norris, Gwen Carr, Walt Wagner. 
1.E. Staff and Community Recognition 
1.E.1. Link Crew Recognition 
Discussion:  Michelle Jonas recognized link crew leaders and the Crook County Health Department for making this year happen with COVID-19. Carrie Lowenbach recognized Juniors and Seniors for a successful virtual Link Day. 
1.E.2. Pioneer Alternative School Presentation
Discussion:  Pete Goodrich presented on the opening of in-person learning at Pioneer Alternative School. Pioneer opened as a Hybrid Learning site on September 9th.  Mr. Goodrich noted the rigorous safety protocols to open. The school is operating near capacity at almost 90 students. The focus is on working with credit-deficient students. There have been two students who have finished up credits early and graduated this year. Student engagement has gone up since the return to in-person instruction. 
1.E.3. Steins Pillar Elementary Presentation
Speaker(s):  Jim Bates
Description:  Special thank you to all of the Central Oregon businesses that contributed to the opening of Stiens Pillar. 
Prineville Businesses:
  • Snider Landscaping LLC
  • Western Heavy Haul/SMAF Construction/Environmental
  • Prineville Painting
  • Agee Ironworks
  • Third Street Floorcoverings
  • City of Prineville

Other Central Oregon Businesses:
  • Redmond Fencing
  • Linnius Construction
  • Tomco Electric
  • Alpine Abatement
  • Central Oregon Disaster Restoration
  • Pavement Protectors
Discussion:  Jim Bates presented on the vision and opening of Steins Pillar Elementary. Sarah Klann presented on building a foundation with LEGO Engineering. The partnership with Facebook makes this possible. 1,500 students received lego kits, thanks to Facebook. Jim Bates talked about Adventure Park where students are learning outside. Sara Klann spoke again about being able to provide art to the students every day. Quest Learning, taught at Steins Pillar, brings modern and classic elements. 
1.E.4. Jason Snider 
Discussion:  Dr. Sara Johnson and Board Chair Cooper recognized Jason Snider, owner of Snider Landscaping, and all of the local companies that made the Adventure Park a reality for Crook County Students. 
1.E.5. City Of Prineville 
Discussion:  Jim Bates thanked the City of Prineville for their help at Steins Pillar. Michelle Jonas thanked the City of Prineville for all of the help with graduation. Dr. Sara Johnson acknowledged the contribution to the City has provided and their dedication to the students of Crook County. 
Discussion:  Tory Kurtz submitted a public comment thanking the district for all the dedication to getting all students back in the classroom. 
3.A. HDESD Board Highlights
3.B. Announcement of Budget Committee Openings 
Speaker(s):  Anna Logan
Discussion:  We have two openings from expired terms. Wade Flegel and Glen Larson; Both members are willing to renew.  Wade reapplied right after the budget committee session ended.  We expect to receive an application from Glen soon. We will bring to the November meeting for the opportunity for the Board to take action
Speaker(s):  Board Chair Scott Cooper
Discussion:  Patti Norris Moved Doug Smith Seconded to approve the consent agenda as presented. 5-0 In Favor: Scott Cooper, Doug Smith, Patti Norris, Gwen Carr, Walt Wagner. 
4.A. Regular School Board Minutes September 14, 2020
4.B. Board Work Session Minutes September 14, 2020
4.C. GBL - Personnel Records
4.D. Division 22 Standards for 2019-20
4.E. Enrollment Report
4.F. Donations
4.G. Retirements and Resignations 
4.G.1. Andrew Wilson - Teacher, Crooked River Elementary 
4.H. Hiring - Classified Staff
4.H.1. Dena Marshall - Secretary, Crook County High School
4.H.2. Rylee Coffer- Swing Shift Custodian
4.H.3. Lizbeth Lopez, IA II ESOL, CCHS/CCMS
4.I. Hiring - Licensed/Confidential
4.I.1. Charlotte St.Clair - Online Teacher, Homeschool Partner Program
4.I.2. Kelly Weiler - .5 FTE Special Education/Case Manager
4.I.3. Korrin VanDewalker - Special Education/Case Manager,  Steins Pillar/Pioneer 
4.I.4. Erin Flagg - Kindergarten Teacher, Crooked River Elementary
4.I.5. Lisa Wilcox - Speech and Language Pathologist
5. FINANCE     7:05 PM
5.A. Finance Report
Speaker(s):  Anna Logan
Discussion:  Anna Logan presented on the Finance Report.  In reference to State School Fund - right now, assuming it will be at least as much as last year, but we budgeted for enrollment increase.  We have seen interest earnings due to interest rates having gone down. Looking at expenses - we’ve had a lot of shifting in staff between buildings and programs.  New positions have been created for new programs, and other positions have been purposely left unfilled.  Salaries expense is projected to be $236,000 under budget.  APC is projected at $324,000 under budget, mainly due to health insurance enrollment elections and changes in positions. We may need to purchase equipment to provide spaces for students to stay separated at the secondary level during lunch (like tables). 
5.B. SIA Grant Agreement Approval *ACTION*
Speaker(s):  Anna Logan
Discussion:  On March 9th the School Board adopted the CCSD SIA Application. Because of COVID-19 and the budget reductions, the allocation was reduced from $2.4 million to $793,809. Last week we received the finalized grant agreement. Once formally accepted we will enter into the formal grant agreement with ODE. 

Patti Norris moved and Doug Smith seconded to approve the SIA Grant as presented. In Favor: 5-0 Scott Cooper, Patti Norris, Doug Smith, Gwen Carr, Walt Wagner. 
5.C. 10-Year Enrollment Projections
Speaker(s):  Anna Logan
Discussion:  Anna Logan discussed that the graphs presented are for capacity and planning purposes. We did see a decline in enrollment but was offset by other programs (HPP and online). OL Returns line to show if half the HPP students and all the Online students enrolled in a building-based school next year, with a 1% increase each year.  CCMS and CCHS - the capacity number is based on square footage but the schedule drives capacity, this is based on keeping current electives, and an alternating day schedule. Dr. Johnson will keep the Board updated on any issues as we need to address them. OL Returns assumption at HS level - scenario is half of Pioneer students and 75% of online students would return to the building. Pioneer - assumes students will return to the high school. 
5.D. PERS Update
Speaker(s):  Anna Logan
Discussion:  Anna Logan presented on PERS rates recognizing that 74% of positions are now OPSRP, 24% Tier I/II, 1% PERS Retired.  This equals to about $440,000 in savings if applied to this year’s payroll. PERS debt prepaid some of our costs, which is why our rates are so low. We are planning to partner with about 15 other districts to explore a repeat - incur more debt to do another prepayment, and continue to have low rates.  Would require Board approval, so we will keep you informed. Carol Samuels informed Anna Logan that our district has done extremely well, and has saved $10 million over the life of the debt.
5.E. Revenue Forecast
Speaker(s):  Anna Logan
Discussion:  The State prepares an informational quarterly revenue forecast, and results of each forecast drive decisions about state-funded programs, including our major revenue sources. In June, we were informed that revenue was expected to decline sharply and that we should prepare for significant reductions to our revenue sources.  (SSF, SIA, M98). In September, the forecast was better, but still not great. State GF revenues forecast showed June downward and September slightly upward. Tax collections actually increased. SSF will not be reduced in this current fiscal year. SIA will be funded at about 1/3. M98 will not be reduced. Revenue is not the only variable, and the state is still expected to face a budget deficit in the 21-23 biennium. There is a possibility that SSF will not be reduced next year. This is not information that we can rely on, because as we’ve seen, a lot can change in three months.
5.F. Compensation Consultant Update
Speaker(s):  Anna Logan
Discussion:  We have hired David Brewer from HR Risk Services LLC. The maximum cost is expected to be $7,000. Directors will meet next week to consult more about the next steps. David Brewer will give data and recommendations on structure and changes. 
Speaker(s):  Dr. Sara Johnson
6.A. School Reopening 
Speaker(s):  Dr. Sara Johnson
Discussion:  Dr. Sara Johnson talked about the unforeseen benefits and challenges of re-opening. New slogan developed "Stay Safe, Stay Open," Staff have worked so hard to make smooth reopening and students have enjoyed being back in class. There have been many unexpected benefits to opening with changes such as late starts, common teacher prep time, smaller class sizes and recess changes. 
6.B. Annual AP and Standardized Testing Report 
Speaker(s):  Dr. Joel Hoff, Michelle Jonas
Discussion:  Last year we saw the highest number of AP students and highest scores since 2016. AP classes will be Q2 & Q3. There were five recommendations from 2019.
1. Create a position for AP teacher 
2.Test Coordinator is on hold due to budget.
3. August AP Boot Camp next year.
4.Align Honors classes through Pre-AP Training.
5. AP parent hopefully in the Spring. 
OSAS and SBAC were waived for 2019-20. Three state waivers for 20/21 have been denied. CCSD continues benchmark & formative assessments. State skills tests have been waived for this years Seniors. SAT ACT requirements have been waived by universities. Some merit and local scholarships still require standardized testing.
6.C. Outdoor School Update
Speaker(s):  Kurt Sloper
Discussion:  Outdoor school is not canceled, however, there are no dates set. Some camps have closed permanently and some are closed until further notice. This is a barrier to future planning. 
Speaker(s):  Board Chair Scott Cooper
7.A. Revised 2020-21 Board Meeting Schedule *ACTION*
Discussion:  Patti Norris moved and Gwen Carr seconded to approve the revised 2020-21 Board meeting schedule as presented. 5-0 In Favor: Scott Cooper, Doug Smith, Patti Norris, Gwen Carr, Walt Wagner. 
7.B. OSBA Conference Update
Discussion:  Conference will be held virtually on November 14th. Board members will notify Morgan Patrick if they would like to attend and she will complete the registration. 
8.A. November 9, 2020 - Regular School Board Meeting
8.B. November 16, 2020 6:30PM - Board Work Session - Informational Presentation with Jerry Colonna 
9. ADJOURNMENT     7:55 PM
Speaker(s):  Board Chair Scott Cooper
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