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June 16, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order @ 7:00 PM 
II. Roll Call and Determination of a Quorom
III. Consent Agenda
III.A. Approval of Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of May 19, 2021
III.B. Approval of the June 2021 Bills List A in the amount of $1,750,927.32.
III.C. Approval of Payroll for May 2021 in the amount of $941,877.36
III.D. Finance Update
IV. Approval of Consent Agenda
V. Discussion and Potential Action on Items Removed from Consent Agenda
VI. Public Participation - Welcome to Visitors and Guests
VII. Principal Reports/Enrollment Reports
VIII. Board Business
VIII.A. Job Site Walk Through
VIII.B. Triple I Conference - November 19-21 
IX. Old Business
IX.A. Information
IX.A.1. Washington School
IX.A.2. Summer School
X. New Business
X.A. Information
X.B. Action
X.B.1. Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement FY 2021-2022 Between West 40 Intermediate Service Center and Board of Education, Schiller Park School District 81 - Regional Safe Schools
X.B.2. Resolution 21-10 Authorizing Payment of June 28, 2021 Bills
X.B.3. Resolution 21-11 Authorizing the Payment of July 2021 Bills
X.B.4. Resolution 21-12 Adopting Prevailing Wage Rates to Be Paid to Laborers, Mechanics, and Other Workers Performing Construction of Public Works for Schiller Park School District No. 81
X.B.5. Approval of School District 81 Health Insurance Plan Renewal
X.B.6. Approval of Classified and Administrative Staff Salary Increases
XI. Executive Session
XI.A. The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body or legal counsel for the public body, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee of the public body or against legal counsel for the public body to determine its validity. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1).
XII. Personnel
XII.A. Approval of Classified Staff Hire
XII.B. Acceptance of Classified Staff Resignation
XII.C. Acceptance of Certified Staff Resignation
XII.D. Approval of Certified Staff Parental Leave Request
XIII. Public Participation
XIV. Adjournment
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