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February 28, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. 6:15-6:45 School Board Listening Session.  Board Chair Andy Lindow will be available in the Cafeteria/Common to listen to public comments, questions, and concerns.  The school board member may share the context of these discussions with the full school board during the school board meeting.
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Pledge of Allegiance
5. Approval of Agenda
6. Recognition of Guests - American Indian Parental Advisory Committee Member, Katie Buckholtz and the Nevis Tech-no-Tigers Robotics Team 3102
7. Approval of Minutes
8. Financial Reports - Maggie Stacey and Justin Isaacson will audit the Payment Register at 6:15 p.m.
8.a. Monthly Cash Balance Report
8.a.1) Balance Sheet
8.a.2) Electronic Funds Transfer
8.b. Revenue / Expenditure Report
9. Consent Agenda
9.a. Accept Donations
9.b. Acknowledge the American Indian Parental Advisory Committee Annual Compliance Resolution
Description:  The School Board does not have to take any official action other than to acknowledge the receipt of the Annual Compliance Resolution.  The Nevis AIPAC has issued a vote of concurrence regarding the District is in compliance with meeting the educational needs of our American Indian Students. 
9.c. Approve - Calendar for 2022-2023 School Year
Description:  The calendar was developed by Elementary Dean of Students, Shawn Klimek.  The calendar was voted on by the Teacher's Union during the week of Feb 14-18 and passed overwhelmingly.  The only difference between the two calendars is Option 1 offered an additional day off at the beginning of the holiday break.  Option 2 offers an additional day off in March.
9.d. Approve - Overnight Trip Request, FCCLA State Competition April 6-8 
Description:  The FCCLA team is taking 7 students to the State Competition.  Ms. Crimmins will be the chaperone.  The Overnight Field Trip request committee has all approved.
9.e. Approve - Overnight Trip Requests, Student Council March 3-4 and March 25-27 
Presenter:  AD Bryan Wormley
9.f. Approve - Overnight Trip Requests, Robotics Team March 3-5 (Duluth) and March 23-27 (Iowa)
Presenter:  AD Bryan Wormley
Description:  The Robotics Team will be competing in regional events in Duluth March 3-5 and in Cedar Falls Iowa on March 23-27.  They have the appropriate chaperones, transportation, and funding in place.
9.g. Approve Classified Work Agreement - Dale Kosmacek, Cook
Presenter:  Dr. Parks
Description:  Mr. Kosmacek is a welcome addition to our kitchen staff.  He is filling the role vacated due to the retirement within our kitchen staff.  
9.h. Approve Retirement  - Fred Hensel, Custodian
Presenter:  Dr. Parks
Description:  Fred has been a stalwart member of our team for four years.  We are glad he crossed paths with us and wish him the best in retirement.
9.i. Approve Superintendent Evaluation for SY2021-2022
Presenter:  Board Chair
10. Action Items
10.a. Approve Amended 2021-2022 Budget
10.b. Approve Superintendent Contract for SY2023-2025
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Dr. Parks' 2022-2025 contract contains the following provisions:

1.  3% cost of living increase on the previous year's contract.
2.  Increase 403b match by $2,000
3. Increase insurance stipend by $2,000
4.  Allow for the superintendent to have the same bereavement language as Classified Union with regard to using one sick day per year to attend the funeral of a close relative or friend.  
5.  Allow the Superintendent to use a flexible schedule to achieve 38.5 hours per week during the summer months.
10.c. Approve - Purchase of Two School Buses, North Central Equipment, Inc.
Presenter:  Dr. Parks
Description:  The bus procurement process has the potential to be lengthy due to supply chain issues.  It is the recommendation of the transportation team the District starts the process now to ensure buses are available when needed next year.  Seven of the fourteen buses are greater than 15 years of age.  The cost of maintaining old buses and the continuous maintenance issues are indicators it is time to replace.  My recommendation is for two buses.  1-route bus to replace a 2006 bus with over 200,000 miles and 1 transit style bus to use as an activity bus. Attached are the specifications and the state bid pricing for the two buses.  The District would purchase both buses using a lease-purchase option (timeline TBD) for $249,389.
11. Discussion Items
12. Reports
12.a. Student Representatives
12.b. Board Members
12.c. Principal Michaelson
12.d. Certified Staff Representative
12.e. Classified/Confidential Staff Representative
12.f. Superintendent Parks
13. Next Meeting - March 28, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. Media Center
14. Adjourn

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