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February 22, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Recognition of Guests 
5.a. Char Christenson-3 minutes to share information on the new Social Studies Standards
John Lindow-3 minutes to share information on the new Social Studies Standards.
6. Approval of Minutes
6.a. Regular School Board Meeting of January 25, 2021
7. Financial Reports - Maggie Stacey & Andy Lindow to audit bills at 6:15
7.a. Monthly Cash Balance Report
7.a.1) Balance Sheet
7.a.2) Electronic Funds Transfer
7.b. Revenue / Expenditure Report
8. Consent Agenda
8.a. Approve 2021-2022 School Calendar
8.b. Approve 2021-2022 Early Childhood School Calendar
8.c. Accept the retirement letter from H.S. Teacher Amy Schroeder.
Description:  Amy has been part of the fabric of the Nevis Public School for 43 years as a student and a teacher.  We want to thank her for the numerous contributions she has made for our school and community.  We wish her well in retirement and want to let her know she is always welcome.  Enjoy your retirement Amy!
9. Action Items
9.a. Approve Revised FY21 Budget
Description:  The Revised FY21 Budget reflects an increase of $50,972 in revenues from
$8,117,061 to $8,168,061.  

The increase in revenues is achieved by an infusion of Coronavirus Relief Funds from County, State, and Federal sources of $283,068.

The increase offset a loss in revenue of $232,096 due to the loss in formula and compensatory revenue related to a reduction in Average Daily Membership of 26 pupil units.

Expenses realized a reduction of $39,458 from $8,267,105 to $8,227,647.  This reduction is primarily the result of a reduction in salary expenses due to:  cost savings in the Media Center, Activity Buses, Route buses, World Language, Activitiies coaches, transportation fuel, building fuel, School Psychologist, CE salaries which offset increases in Coronavirus Relief Fund spending.  

I recommend approving the Revised FY21 Budget with Revenues of $8,168,033 and Expenditures of $8,227,647 with expenses exceeding revenues by $39,458,
10. Discussion Items
11. Reports
11.a. Student Representatives
11.b. Board Members
11.c. Principal Michaelson
11.d. Certified Staff Representative
11.e. Classified/Confidential Staff Representative
11.f. Superintendent Parks
11.g. Receive the American Indian Parental Advisory Committee (AIPAC) Resolution to Concur with the Educational Offerings Extended to American Indian Students
Description:  Prior to March 1 of each year, the AIPAC must meet to discuss whether or not they concur with the educational offerings that have been extended by the district to American Indian students. If the AIPAC finds that the district and/or school board have been meeting the needs of American Indian students, they issue a vote and resolution of concurrence. If they find that the district and/or school board have not been meeting the needs of American Indian students, they issue a vote and resolution of nonconcurrence. 
The vote is reflected formally on documentation provided by the OAIE. The vote and resolution must be presented to the school board by one or more members of the AIPAC. If the vote is one of nonconcurrence, the AIPAC must also provide written recommendations for improvement to the school board at the time of the presentation. The school board does not "approve" the resolution. They receive the information and it is reflected within the board minutes. In the case of nonconcurrence, the school board is given 60 days in which to respond, in writing, to the AIPAC recommendations. This board response must also be provided to the OAIE and signed by the entire school board.
To accomplish these activities by the March 1 deadline, the OAIE recommends the following timeline:
  • The AIPAC meets to issue their vote, sign their vote and resolution documents, and fill out the AIPAC roster.
  • District staff assists the committee with getting on the next available school board agenda.
  • The AIPAC presents their vote and resolution, in person, to the school board at the assigned board meeting.
  • The school board chair, superintendent and AIPAC chair sign the required documents.
Due on or before March 1
12. Next Meeting - March 22, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. 
13. Adjourn
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