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September 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

3. PRESENTATIONS / RECOGNITIONS / AWARDS (students/donations/honors)
3.1. Audit Presentation
Presenter:  David Youngstrom, Yeo & Yeo
3.2. MHSAA Update
Presenter:  Don Watchowski
4.1. Curriculum & Instruction
Presenter:  Sarah Olson
4.2. Finance/Facilities and Bond
Presenter:  Kathy Abela
4.3. Staff and Student Services 
Presenter:  Patrick Wolynski
4.4. Cultural Competence Engagement 
Presenter:  Mary Beth Fitzpatrick
Description:  To make a Public Comment request during the Virtual Board Meeting:  
  • Please use the  "raise" your hand button to request to speak for public comment.
  • When the Board President reads your name, you will be unmuted and will have three (3) minutes to speak.
  • Please state your Name & Address for the record.
  • There are two opportunities for Public Comment.
  • Public Comment is not intended for the exchange of dialogue. This is a time for members of the public to express their views.   We are paying attention to your comments and appreciate them;  however, school board members generally do not respond to public comment during the meeting.  
  • Questions that arise from public comment shall be referred to the superintendent, or his/her designee, for review, study and possible future response.
Presenter:  Board of Education Secretary
Presenter:  Mary Beth Fitzpatrick
8. *CONSENT AGENDA (Personnel / Instruction / Business)
8.1. *Personnel Changes
Description:  Recommendation:

Resolved, that the Royal Oak Schools Board of Education hereby approve the regular personnel changes as listed (see attachment).
8.2. *Payment of Expenses
Description:  Recommendation:

Resolved that the Royal Oak Schools Board of Education hereby approves expenditures as processed in the amount of $6,716,832.75, for the period of August 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020. 
8.3. *Minutes
Description:  Recommendation:

Resolved that the Royal Oak Schools Board of Education approves the minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 13, 2020.
9.1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resolution
Description:  Recommendation:

WHEREAS, The Royal Oak Schools Board of Education values every student, family and staff member and is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students; and

WHEREAS, The Board and District remain committed to providing all students with a high-quality education that promotes diversity and inclusion, prioritizes equity and fairness, and helps them succeed in an increasingly competitive global world; and

WHEREAS, There is a long history of racism, discrimination and segregation within our country, which has adversely impacted educational and economic outcomes for many racial groups; and

WHEREAS, Over the past four years, the Board and District have taken significant steps toward achieving diversity, equity and inclusion districtwide; and

WHEREAS, The District formed the Cultural Competence Engagement Committee comprised of students, parents and community members to address issues related to race, religion, sexual orientation, special needs, language and poverty; and

WHEREAS, The Cultural Competence Engagement Committee commits to addressing these issues as they impact the curriculum, professional development, hiring practices and supporting students; and

WHEREAS, The Board and District believe a fair and individualized approach to student behavioral concerns is the best way to keep our students and classrooms safe; and

WHEREAS, The District added two full-time school social workers trained to provide families and students with specialized social and emotional support; and

WHEREAS, The District also retains a full-time Restorative Practices coach who trains staff to provide students with skills to resolve conflicts peacefully; and

WHEREAS, The district will continue tracking its progress in responding to student behaviors and its disciplinary practices, adjusting as needed, and addressing  inequities; and

WHEREAS, The District provides staff with professional development on culturally responsive teaching , implicit bias and social justice; and

WHEREAS, This training will persist in the 2020-2021 school year and beyond, including for all newly hired staff; and

WHEREAS, The District has committed to providing diverse and culturally responsive core texts in our elementary, middle school and high school English Language Arts classes; and
WHEREAS, The District will accelerate a more inclusive curriculum this school year, with an emphasis on social studies; and

WHEREAS, The District’s work on diversity, equity and inclusion is far from done.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Royal Oak Schools Board of Education is committed to building on the District’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives with input from students, families, staff, community members and other stakeholders in the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.
9.2. First Reading of Revised/Replaced and/or Recommended Policies & Guidelines
Description:  Recommendation:  

Resolved, that the Royal Oak Schools Board of Education approves a first reading of the policies being revised, replaced and/or recommended as presented.
9.3. OCSBA Bylaws
Description:  Recommendation:

Resolved that the Royal Oak Schools Board of Education hereby approves the OCSBA Bylaws per attached.  
9.4. REMC Student Device Purchasing
Description:  Recommendation:

Resolved that the superintendent be authorized to finalize the purchase of student chromebook devices with an estimated unit cost of $200. All devices to be purchased from the REMC device purchasing program state bid and/or consortium bid pricing, at a total expenditure not to exceed $100,000.
9.5. Acceptance of Audit
Description:  Recommendation:  

Resolved, that Royal Oak Schools Board of Education hereby accepts the Independent Audit Report as presented by Yeo & Yeo for the 2019-20 fiscal year which ended June 30, 2020.  Yeo & Yeo completed their audit with an unmodified opinion and a complete report has been presented to the Board of Education. The audit report and resolution indicating acceptance will be filed in accordance with state and local laws.  
9.6. ROMS Boiler Replacement Contract Award
Description:  Recommendation:

Resolved that the Royal Oak Schools Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent to finalize and sign a contract with CSM Mechanical LLC in the amount of $378,144.00 for Royal Oak Middle School boiler replacement.  In addition, 15% contingency to address unforeseen conditions.
9.7. Quality Environmental Contract Change Award
Description:  Recommendation;

Resolved that the Superintendent finalize and sign a change order to the Quality Environmental contract in the amount of $6,496, changing the contract from $32,487 to $38,983 for additional work.
9.8. Restore Schedule B & Clubs to 2019-2020 levels
Description:  Recommendation:

Resolved that the Royal Oak School Board of Education restores the Schedule B activities and clubs to that of the level in 2019-2020.
Description:  Upcoming Meetings:
* October 1, 2020, Finance & Facilities Mtg @ 6:00 p.m. 
* October 8, 2020, Regular Board Meeting @ 6:00 p.m. 
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