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May 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

I. Opening of Meeting - Jann LaPointe, President
II. Reports 
II.A. Shane Riley - Handbook Changes
III. Communication
IV. Action Agenda
Personnel Recommendations
Probationary Teachers 
ISD Budget
Chartwells Food Service Contract
Jr/Sr High Handbook Changes
Administration & Non Union Contracts
V. Approve Consent and Action Agendas
Description:  Motion:  to approve the consent agenda as presented.
Moved:    Supported:
Yay:          Nay:

Motion:  to approve the action agenda as presented.  
Moved: Supported:
Yay:          Nay:
VI. Discussion
VI.A. State Budget and Fund Balance
VII. Consent Agenda
VII.A. Financial Recommendations
VII.B. Minutes 
VII.C. Retirement - Larry Doerr 6.30.2020
VIII. Action Agenda
VIII.A. Personnel Recommendations
Description:  Motion: to approve the personnel as recommended.

Motion:   Support:  

Schedule B

Chris Gormley Honors Band $598

Tim Webb MS Social Studies Step 10, BA $53,891

CoachTim Webb Varsity Football Step 10/10%/$5,389

Yay:         Nay:            
VIII.B. Continued Contracts for Probationary Teachers
Description:  Motion: to approve the continued contracts of the probationary teachers as presented.

Motion:                     Support:

Yay:           Nay:
VIII.C. Montcalm Area ISD Budget
Description:  Motion: to approve the general fund budget for the Montcalm Area ISD as previously presented.

Motion: Support:

Yay:          Nay:
VIII.D. Chartwells Food Service Contract
Description:  Motion to: approve the one year contract with Chartwells as presented in your packet.

Motion:                   Support: Yay: Nay:
VIII.E. Jr/Sr High Handbook 
Description:  Motion to: approve the changes in the jr/sr handbook as presented by Mr. Riley.

Motion: Support:

Yay: Nay:
VIII.F. Admin and Non Union Contracts
Description:  Motion to : approve admin and non union contracts as presented.

Motion: Support:

Wendy Binge - $36,000
Jarrod Foster - $32,500
Jacki Fredricks - $81,798
Patti Hicks - $14.65hr
Mike Moore - $78,228
Shane Riley - $81.798
Marty Weese - $67,000
Ray Welling - $50,000
Bill Willis - $56,240

Yay:      Nay:
IX. Adjournment
Description:  Adjourned by President LaPointe at ______________pm
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