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April 1, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Additions to the Agenda
V. Public Comment 
Description:  Members of the public may address the Board for three minutes. It is Board policy to not respond to public comment.
VI. Presentations
VII. Report from Superintendent 
Presenter:  Mr. Sam Sinicropi
VIII. Routine Matters/Old Business
VIII.A. Committee Reports
        1. Facilities Committee
            Mr. Guillermo Lopez
        2. Promise Committee
            Mr. Guillermo Lopez
        3. Personnel Committee
            Mrs. Rachel Willis 
        4. Equity Committee
             Mrs. Rachel Willis
        5. Policy Committee
            Dr. Nino Rodriguez
VIII.B. Consent Agenda
Description:  Items listed on the Consent Agenda will be approved as one motion. Should a member wish to have further discussion or vote separately on any item on the Consent Agenda, it should be requested before the motion is made.

RECOMMENDED MOTION:  "that the Board of Education approve the consent agenda as presented."
VIII.B.1. Approval of 03.02.21, 03.03.21 Superintendent Interviews, and Regualr Board Meeting Minutes 03.04.21, In Person Superintendent Interviews 03.18.21 and Superintendent Decision Special Board Meeting 03.20.21.
VIII.B.2. Receive and Approve the Treasurer's Report for February and approve expenditures as presented.
VIII.B.3. Receive and Approve the Personnel Report
VIII.B.4. Bid Recommendations
         a. SO-1752 Gier Park Secure Entry
         b. SO-1753 Sheridan Road Secure Entry
         c. SO-1754 Cavanaugh Elementary Boiler & Roof
         d. SO-1756-Beekman Center Condensing Unit
         e. Sinking Fund Contracted Service Agreement - Todd Coe
IX. Action Items
X. New Business/Discussion Items
X.A. 2021 Superintendent's Evaluation
X.B. Executive Team Contracts
X.C. Ironshore Update
X.D. Closed Session
X.E. Approval of LSEA Economic Reopener
XI. Report from Secretary and Announcements
XII. Comments from the Board
XIII. Adjournment

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