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September 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Disciplinary Hearing

Description:  This meeting is called to order at           pm by           .
3. CLOSED SESSION - Disciplinary Hearing
Description:  To consider a student disciplinary matter, pursuant to the request of the parent/guardian

Pertinent Policy:



If parent or student requests a closed hearing, a vote must be taken. The purpose of the closed session should be announced: "To consider a student disciplinary matter, pursuant to the request of the parent/guardian" (NOTE: Do not need to use the name since that could identify the student). A majority is required to go into a closed session.


Those invited into closed session should include the student, parent(s) and/or representative(s) and school administrator(s) bringing charges. Others may be admitted at Board discretion, if needed for the proceeding or at the request of student/parents.


Witnesses should be admitted when needed to testify. They should be asked to leave the closed session after testifying. Witnesses may be required to affirm that they will tell the truth.


The administration should present a summary of the requested discipline and an overview of the incident(s) supporting discipline. The administration shall call and question witnesses as it determines appropriate. The administrator may testify as a witness to the results of his/her investigation of the incident and the student’s past record.


The student, parent, or representative (only one (1)) should be allowed to ask the witness(es) questions related to issues reasonably related to the discipline. Additional questioning by the administration, the student/representative and/or the Board may be allowed at the Board’s discretion.


The student, parent, or representative may then present witnesses or statements to the Board. The administration and/or the Board may ask questions of these individuals. The Board may allow additional questioning at its discretion.


When the presentation of evidence is concluded, the Board will deliberate. It may exclude both the administration and the student and representatives, or allow both sides to remain. If the Board desires clarification of any testimony during its deliberation, it shall assure that both the administration and the student are present to hear the information.


The Board shall not take any action in the closed session. To act on the discipline the Board must return to open session. This requires a majority vote.


During the open session the name of the student shall not be used in voting on the discipline, to protect student privacy under the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. The student may be referred to by a Code Number or Pseudonym (i.e. Student A). Only the reference code shall be indicated in the Board minutes, NOT the student’s actual name. The reference code shall be listed in the student’s discipline file.


If, at any time during the hearing, the student, parent or authorized representative withdraws the request for a closed hearing, the matter shall proceed under the open hearing provisions.


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Description:  (Four minute individual limit)
Are there any visitors wishing to address the Board?
Description:  * Did the Board take a recess?  If yes, Recessed at _________ pm and reconvened at _________ pm.
* Did the Board enter into a work session?  If yes, was any action taken?
   Actions taken:

DO I HEAR A MOTION to adjourn the meeting?
Motion by           and supported by           to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at           pm.

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