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October 18, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Introduction of Meeting and Pledge of Allegiance
B. Public Comments
C. Closed Meeting (TX Govt Code 551.071/551.072/551.074/551.082)
C.1. Personnel Concerns
C.2. Discuss Purchase, Exchange, Lease, or Value of Real Property
C.3. Safety/Security
C.4. Consultation with Board Attorney
D. Reconvene for Open Meeting
E. Information Items
E.1. Superintendent's Report
E.1.a. Financial Update
E.1.b. Instructional Update

E.1.c. COVID Update
F. Consent Items (All items listed under this subheading will be adopted with one motion unless they are removed from the Consent Agenda by a Trustee or the Superintendent for discussion.)
F.1. Approve Minutes of September 20, 2021 Regular Meeting
F.2. Consider Monthly Expenditures for September 2021
Description:  The monthly expenditures is presented for the Board of Trustee review in the Revenue and Expenditures Report and the Check Register in the Financial Update Section.
F.3. Consider Approval of Amended Budget for the General Fund
Description:  The administration recommends amending the General Fund budget for the following:

1.  Transfer funds from function 11 to 36 for drama lighting
2.  Transfer funds from function 11 to 36 for musical
3.   Rebudget Marquee signs for BHS and BMS
4.   Add student travel to function 36 for band
5.  Transfer funds from function 23 to 21 for payroll coding

The General Fund will be a deficit budget of $ 2,527,889 after this amendment is approved.  The net change in this amendment increases the deficit by $73,051

F.4. Consider Approval of Vendor for Fire Alarm Service Agreement for 2021-2022
Description:  Description:  Siemens Building Technologies has been the District's vendor for the fire alarm service agreement for several years.  The District is satisfied with their services.  The amount of the annual payment is $41,888.  This is the first year in a three-year agreement (see attached).  Siemens is a member of the TXMAS purchasing coop.

This amount is included in the general fund contract services budget.
F.5. Consider Effective Schools Framework Self-Assessment and Target Improvement Plan for Blue Haze and North Elementary
Description:  The goal of the Effective Schools Framework (ESF) is to provide a clear vision for what districts and schools across the state do to ensure an excellent education for all Texas students. The ESF provides the basis for school diagnostics and for aligning resources and support to the needs of each school. The ESF was developed in conjunction with school and district leaders and included a national review of research about what makes high-performing schools excellent. The ESF is part of the TEA’s five-year strategic plan and is the starting point for improving internal technical assistance capacity and aligning partners (ESCs, external vendors, etc.) to support the continuous improvement of Texas school districts and campuses. In the spirit of our commitment to data-driven inquiry and the "Plan, Do, Assess" model, we will continuously evaluate the framework to examine effectiveness and make modifications as needed.
The Target Improvement Plan Format further provides the campuses with a strategic plan to look at strengths and weaknesses and monitor that process in a quarterly cycle. 

F.6. Consider Approval of Individuals who Calculate and Prepare the 2021 No-New Revenue and Voter-Approval Tax Rates for White Settlement ISD
Description:  The legislature requires all taxing entities to specify the person(s) responsible for calculating the No-New Revenue and Voter- Approval Tax Rates.  White Settlement ISD appoints Janette Owens, Director of Business and Wendy Burgess, Tarrant CountyTax Assessor Collector as the individuals who will calculate the tax rates for 2021. Beginning in 2022 Kim Alexander, Director of Business will replace Janette Owens.
F.7. Consider Board Resolution to Approve District's Investment Officer
Description:  The CDA Local Board Policy Other Revenue and Investments requires the Board of Trustees to designate the investment officer for the District. The investment officer is responsible for making sure the District follows the District's written policies and generally accepted accounting procedures.  District personnel recommend  designating Kim Alexander, Business Director, as the investment officer effective October 19, 2021. Mrs. Alexander is required to complete 10 hours of investment officer training during the first year of employment with the District.
F.8. Consider Approval of Authorized Representative for Investment Accounts 
Description:  First Public (Lone Star) and Texpool Investment Pools require school board approval to change the authorized representative on the accounts from Janette Owens to Kim Alexander.  The authorized representive for the TexStar account will change as well but does not require board approval.

See attached documents.
G. Separate Items
G.1. Consider Approval of 2020-2021 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report
Representatives from Pattillo, Brown & Hill, L.L.P., the district's independent auditing firm, will present the 2020-2021 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2021. The District received an unqualified opinion on the Financial Statements, report on Internal Controls and Report on Internal Controls and Compliance over Federal Awards.  See attached Annual Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2021.
G.2. Consider Approval of District's Tax Roll for the 2021 Year
Description:  Tax Code 26.09(a)(e) requires the Board of Trustees to review and approve the district's tax roll.   Tarrant County Tax Office calculated the tax roll and provided the attached Tax Roll Summary report.
H. Consider Items Discussed in Closed Meeting Including Personnel
I. Adjourn

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