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September 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Reading of the Gregory-Portland ISD Vision & Mission Statements 
V. Comments from Public in Open Forum
VI. Receive and Approve Minutes
VII. Reports/Discussion Items
VII.A. Academic Reports [Soliz-Garcia / Ezell / Kieschnick / Reckaway ]
VII.A.1. G-PISD Asynchronous Plan 
VII.B. Superintendent's Report & Legislative Update
VIII. Consent Agenda
VIII.A. Consider Ratification of Payment of Bills Excluding Cafeteria [Clark / Silguero]
VIII.B. Consider Approval of Budget Amendments [Clark / Silguero]
VIII.C. Consider Approval of Election Services Contract [Clark]
VIII.D. Consider Approval of TASB Unemployment Insurance Renewal [Clark]
VIII.E. Consider Approval of the School Health Advisory Committee [Ezell]
VIII.F. Consider Approval of Resolution for Eligibility Status Nueces County 4-H and Appointment of Adjunct Faculty Members [Cavazos]
VIII.G. Consider Approval of Resolution for Eligibility Status of San Patricio County 4-H and Appointment of Adjunct Faculty Members [Cavazos]
VIII.H. Consider Approval of District Initiated Updates to Policy EIE (LOCAL); Academic Achievement Retention and Promotion, as submitted [Faught]
VIII.I. Consider Approval of District Site-Based Decision Making Committee [Soliz-Garcia / Faught]
VIII.J. Consider Approval of G-PISD Asynchronous Plan [Soliz-Garcia]
VIII.K. Consider Authorization of Administration to submit the Student/Teacher Ratio of Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs (DAEP) Waiver, to Texas Education Agency [Soliz-Garcia]
VIII.L. Consider Approval of addition to high school course guide: Livestock Production/Agriculture Laboratory & Field Experience [Kieschnick]
IX. Regular Business Action Items
IX.A. Consider Ratification of Payment of Cafeteria Bills [Clark/Silguero]
IX.B. Consider Approval of Authorization to Apply for Coronovirus Relief Funds through Texas Department of Emergency Management [Clark]
IX.C. Discuss and Consider Amending the Regular Board Meeting Schedule for December 2020, January 2021, February 2021, and March 2021 [Cavazos]
IX.D. Discuss & Take Possible Action to Adopt  Resolution / Approve of Letter to Texas Education Agency from the Gregory-Portland ISD Board of Trustees Regarding Instructional Minutes, Attendance Requirements and Testing Standards [Cavazos / Gregory]
X. Closed Session, As Authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code Section 551.071, 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, 551.076, 551.082, 551.0821, 551.083, 551.084, 551.087, 551.129 et seq.
X.A. To deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public employee or employees, including but not limited, to resignation and employment of personnel [551.074]
X.B. To discuss purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property [551.072]
X.C. Deliberations regarding security devices or security audits [551.076]
XI. Open Session Action, If Any, on Closed Session Deliberations Regarding:
XI.A. Consider Resignations of Personnel and Review Vacancy Report
XI.B. Consider Employment of Personnel
XII. Board Instructions to President/Superintendent on Items of Discussion
XIII. Adjourn
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