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January 7, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Organizational School Board Meeting

1. Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance
1.A. The board chair calls the meeting to order.
Record members as present or absent.
Board members oath of office.
2. Election of Officers
The board chair conducts the election of officers. The new chair takes charge of the meeting after the election.
2.A. Chairperson
Description:  Vote: ____________
2.B. Vice Chairperson
Description:  Vote: ____________
2.C. Clerk
Description:  Vote: ____________
2.D. Treasurer
Description:  Vote: ____________
3. Approval of Agenda
Description:  Motion: ____________ Second: ____________ Vote: ____________ 
4. Resolution to Delegate Clerk, Treasurer Duties
Description:  Motion: ____________ Second: ____________ Roll Call Vote: ____________ 
5. Annual Designations
Description:  Motion: ____________ Second: ____________ Vote: ____________
5.A. Official Newspaper: Consider quotes from the Delano Herald Journal and Sun Media.
Description:  Motion: ____________ Second: ____________ Vote: ____________ 
5.B. School Board Compensation: Any of the following items, B-L, may be voted on separately at the request of a board member.

Current Rates
Regular Meetings - $60/meeting
Committee Meetings/Work Sessions/Special Meetings - $25 minimum
Workshops/Special Meetings - $12.50/hour after two hours, not to exceed $100
Chairperson - $300/year
Clerk - $250/year
5.C. School Attorneys:

Official Attorneys - Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger P.A.
Authorized Personnel to Contact Attorneys - School Board Chair, Superintendent, Human Rights Officer & Business Manager
5.D. Memberships:

MSBA (MN School Board Association)
MAWSECO (Meeker and Wright Special Ed. Coop)
SEE (Schools for Equity in Education)
Wright Technical Center (Career and Technical Coop)
CMERDC (Central MN Educ. Research & Dev. Council)
Resource Training and Solutions
MN State High School League
Sherburne-Wright Educational Technology Cooperative
5.E. Federal Grants:

Title I, II
5.F. Delegate authority to make electronic fund transfers:

Business Manager
HR Specialist
Payroll Specialist
5.G. Designate the Identified Official with Authority to authorize user access to MDE secure websites for Delano Public Schools ISD 879

Matthew W. Schoen
5.H. Signatures for Elementary Activity Fund:

Business Manager
Elementary School Administrative Assistants
5.I. Prepayment of Bills:

Avoid penalties and finance charges
Reimbursement of employees
Obtain discounts
Pre-approved contracts
5.J. Official Depositories:

CorTrust Bank
Minnesota Lakes Bank
Wells Fargo
MN School District Liquid Asset Fund
PMA Securities, Inc./MN Trust
U.S. Bank Corporate Trust Services
5.K. School Board Regular Meeting Times and Dates for 2019:

Recommended 4th Monday of the month at Delano City Hall beginning at 5:45 p.m., with the exception of May 20 (due to Memorial Day) and December 16 (due to Winter Break). In May and December the meeting will be held in the Delano High School Media Center. 

School board listening sessions will be held at 7 p.m. in the Delano High School Media Center on March 18, May 13 and October 21.
5.L. Renew Board Operating Protocol
Description:  Motion: ____________ Second: ____________ to approved items B-L. Vote: ____________ 
6. Appoint Members to Board Committees and Representatives
Description:  Motion: ____________ Second: ____________ Vote: ____________ 
7. Adjournment
Description:  Motion: ____________ Second: ____________ Vote: ____________
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